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Everyone is familiar with the saying “Knowledge is power” but for Dr. Rosenblatt of , acquiring knowledge is simply not enough. He dedicates a significant portion of his working schedule to sharing his knowledge and passion for CEREC dentistry.

As a certified speaker for Sirona Dental Systems and a faculty member of the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, Dr. Rosenblatt spends a great deal of time each year explaining the benefits of this advanced form of digital dentistry to dentists across the country. Needless to say, the facts sell themselves. Here are just a few of the reasons Dr. Rosenblatt is so passionate about CEREC dentistry.

Faster Dentistry
While the affected tooth is prepared in the same manner as traditional restorative procedures, the need for impressions and reliance on lengthy lab-based work is completely eliminated with CEREC. In fact, a CEREC restoration can be digitally designed, created, polished, and cemented in place in a mere 45 minutes. The ability to place a restoration in just one appointment works wonders for marketing your services and gaining new patients.

Precise, Quality Restorations
CEREC is arguably one of the most scrutinized and researched dental technologies ever. For over 20 years, this form of digital dentistry has consistently provided restorations with marginal integrity, consistency of material, and long-lasting, successful dental work. The precision of digitally created restorations is simply incomparable.

Cost Effective
Dentists who invest in CEREC technology, no longer rely on faraway labs to create patient restorations. This results in a severe reduction in lab overhead. Additionally, the porcelain block used to create in-office restorations are extremely affordable.

Happier, More Loyal Patients
Not only is CEREC dentistry a no-brainer for dentists, it also provides a handful of benefits for patients. Less chair-time, faster dental work, no messy impressions, and long-lasting, beautiful results are just some of the reasons that CEREC will help you retain patients and improve your visibility within your community.

If you are a dentist and are interested in learning more about CEREC dentistry, Dr. Rosenblatt is a great source. He is one of the leading CEREC dentists in the country and is one of a select few software beta testers for Sirona Dental Systems. When he isn’t traveling, he’s heading up the Northern Illinois CEREC study club that he created, which is one of the largest CAD/CAM study clubs in the USA.

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