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Your Child's Teeth Can Save their Life using StemSave service

Working Mother Magazine
February 22nd
By Lauri Harrison

Wait! Before you plan for the tooth fairy to come and take away your child’s tooth, consider preserving it for future use Believe it or not, the human tooth contains healthy pulp tissue which contains stem cells that can be utilized to regenerate your child’s health if needed. Sounds like a Sci-Fi movie, but it’s not. It works along the same principles as preserving the cord blood when your baby is born. Stem cells extracted from the healthy tissue within your child’s tooth can help fix medical ailments, grow new organs, repair bone, and much more.

Practically eliminate the potential risk of cell rejection and other complications. This is an opportunity that is available now, is safe, convenient and affordable. Since younger stem cells grow faster and for longer periods of time, they have less potential for mutations. Therefore these stem cells will be more effective when needed for future regenerative therapies. If you are curious and would like to learn more, visit and talk to your family’s dentist about this opportunity. Even if your dentist is not included in the web site directory, you can still have your dentist do this for you. New dentists are added each and every day.

Think about all the teeth that have been collected and saved for baby books or just thrown away that could have been used. Its secondary insurance worth having, wouldn’t you agree?

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