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Why Are My Front Teeth Shifting | Teeth Shifting Symptoms & Treatment in Shoreline, Seattle, Milton, WA

Here are some of the reasons why teeth shift and some teeth shifting treatments that will stop your teeth from shifting:

1. Periodontal Disease and Structural Changes
2. Missing Teeth
3. Gaps
4. Overlapping Teeth
5. Grinding Teeth (Bruxism)

1. Dental Implants
2. Veneers
3. Orthodontics
4. Various types of braces
5. Nightguards and more.

Teeth Shifting Symptoms
1. Foul odor or taste in your mouth.
2. Red, puffy or bleeding gums.
3. Loose or shifting teeth.

If you have questions about teeth shifting issues and the treatments, call or schedule your annual checkup with Reign Dental office and get the answers you need for a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile!

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