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Un-Advertising Brings Marketing to Life

For those who are not familiar with Un-Advertising, it is a program of increasing new patient/customers traffic without depending on traditional ads. It is applicable to all industries even beyond the healthcare field.

Our program delivers new customers/patients without you trying to "toot your own horn." (Other people talking well about you naturally and referring to you is much more effective than you trying to talk well about yourself.)

Many people ask me what my strategy "Un-Advertising" is all about and why did I choose this approach of marketing over so many different approaches.

Frankly speaking, there are no vastly "different" approaches of marketing out there -- it is only a matter of if you did stick out with your message or not if you did convert a prospect into a paying customer or not.

Most practice/business owners do not understand that if they do NOT market, they give a message just the same — a message that they are small, that they don’t have what the others who market have.

They also give a message they don’t care, since after all “marketing and selling” are the means of educating people about good products or services.

How can you expect people to look for things they don’t even know exist?

You must do marketing, advertising, and public relations, or you will do a disservice to the people, the profession and to yourself.

To reach a great amount of people, you better bring the cost of reaching those people way down.

If your goal is to increase your new patients/customers numbers and increase referrals and word-of-mouth without depending on traditional advertising, talk to us today and find out how you can increase your new patient/customers numbers drastically!

Helmut Flasch

CEO, Flasch International

Founder of "Un-Advertising"

Award-winning Marketing Strategy


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