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There is only one of two ways any work will ever get done:

1) You do it yourself.
2) You hire other people to do the job.

Depending on the circumstances there is no one way which is better.

For example:
You can clean your own home or you can hire someone.

Depending on what money you make in your professional activities, it might be that you
have no choice than doing it yourself, even if it is at midnight, after a long day. You might of
course also want to clean your own house no matter how much money you make because
you enjoy it.

The choice is yours, but usually, especially in business activities one tries to leverage any
activities according to the return on investment.

A director or a doctor typing his own letters might save him $14 an hour but will rob him of
anything between $200 to $20,000 an hour, depending on how big of a “boss” he is.

So, the trick is to accurately assess when it would be more profitable to hire someone else
or when it is better to do it yourself.

Most small businesses and healthcare practices have a tendency to do it themselves for
too long for the sake of saving money. But in most cases, this “saving money” practice also
keeps them small for too long, and even forever.

After all, why, after a decade of “Saving Money” by doing it yourself, the practice is still

The most money wasted is not the money lost in some activities or some purchase
which did not quite work out, but the money you never made.

The point in case is that to save money by doing it yourself, you only save short time and
surely lose in the long run.

Any doctor in private practice is actually first an executive and second a doctor and his
work in any of those two positions, especially the position as an executive, is much more
valuable than any filing, writing reports, paying bills, doing marketing legwork, etc.

Not only can an executive make much, much more money doing executive work but he
usually will find that other people can do those ‘worker’ and ‘legwork’ jobs faster and better
than he.

Never mind that most executives and doctors even hate those extra activities, which
sometimes cut into family time and other fun things he would rather champion. The biggest
drawback actually is that much of the legwork ends up being not done at all and thus
millions of dollars are lost over a lifetime. Millions of dollars which all by itself could have
made another few millions and would have provided all the free time one wanted.

Sometimes it looks like a catch 22 and hiring people to do some of the work looks
impossible since after all the practice might already have a payroll problem.

Sometimes doing the exact opposite to what logic tells you and to what all others do or to
what is taught in schools, is exactly the way out. (It must be because 95% of the
population, who follow the “proven way” are dead broke at retiring age.)

Again, practically all the successful people are the ones who do it differently -- they break all
the rules. Not legal rules, grant you. You should start by enlisting help from coaches and
gurus who have successfully “broken the rules” and have redefined new rules - rules which
lead to a much greater success ratio by immense proportion.

There is no virtue in working hard and yet being too broke to retire at 55 and also having
led a life of dissatisfaction.

Let’s face it - if you are a business owner. Your two hands can only do so much and only
people will make your service good and profitable. Only people can create the free time you
need, so learn how to hire, teach and administer people to get the work done!

Also keep in mind that even if you are highly trained professional like a doctor, your work is
only trading time for money -- and not even making an awful lot, due to insurance and
government regulations.

It actually never is too soon or too late to start stopping the rat race of overwork and
underpaid because of not getting the job done via others. Getting the job done via others is
what leadership is all about.

Leadership can be learned, as is proven by Harvard graduates every day.

But you do not have to get to Harvard either to learn leadership as is proven by millions of
other very successful people who somehow somewhere took the time to observe what it
takes to be successful.

Read, observe, learn from personal coaches and consultants, and most importantly start by
getting courageous and apply what you read in this article.

Helmut Flasch 

CEO, Flasch International

Founder of "Un-Advertising"

Award-winning Marketing Strategy


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