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Top 5 Tips for Effective Dental Recall

Keeping a full schedule is vital to maintaining a successful dental practice. One key to keeping a full schedule is performing effective dental recalls. Having worked in the dental recall industry for almost 3 years we have become very familiar with what it takes to make effective recalls to overdue patients. Here are our top 5 tips for effective dental recalls.

  1. Smile while you talk: Although you might think it is silly to focus on smiling while you talk on the phone, it is extremely helpful. Just because the patient cannot see you smiling doesn’t mean that they can’t sense a happy and positive attitude.
  2. Build the Relationship:  Remember that this probably won't be the only time you'll try to schedule an appointment with this patient. Every opportunity that you have to talk to the patient is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. A strong relationship with your patients will keep them coming back.
  3. Assume the Appointment: A common sales technique is referred to as “assuming the sale.” This means that as you talk to the potential customer, you maintain an optimistic attitude that they are going to purchase you product. This same concept is true for recalls. Assuming that the patient is going to accept the appointment time will help you be confident and have more success in your recalls.
  4. Resolve the Concern: It is vital that you discover what the patient’s true concern is. Whether it is money, not enough time, or that they have switched dentists, you must discover what has caused them to not come into your office. Once you have discovered their concerns, make sure that you provide the best possible solution to resolve those concerns.
  5. Don’t Allow Procrastination: It is very common for people to hesitate their appointment scheduling.  Be sure to give the patient a good reason as to why they should schedule their appointment now rather than procrastinating to a later date.
We have had extensive experience in making recalls for dental offices. These techniques have been very successful for us and helped us to schedule over 25,000 appointments of overdue patients for our clients. Feel free to contact us to see how many appointments we can schedule for you.

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