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Top 10 toothache remedies

Cavities, loose fillings and a host of other various factors can lead to excruciating tooth pain. Even a sinus condition can be very detrimental to cause tooth pain. Moreover, it is not always possible to avail a dentist in the middle of the night. This is where the toothache remedies can play a pivotal role. The toothache remedies still play a very crucial role in ensuring that they provide instant relief from various occurrences of a toothache. Until you see the dentist, these trusted home remedies would facilitate immediate tooth pain relief. Here is the list of 10 toothache remedies that can play an essential role in relieving you off tooth pain.

1. Ginger-cayenne paste

You can opt for mixing equal parts of these two heat packing spices with proportionate water to make a dough. You can also roll a small ball of cotton into the paste to saturate it. Avoid contact with gums and tongue. Leave it untouched until the pain fades.

2. Swish some salt water

A teaspoon of salt with water would always make sure that it makes a pain-killing mouthwash. It would clean away irritating debris and would also minimize swelling. You can also opt for rinsing your mouth with this solution. 

3. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide

To kill bacteria and eliminate discomfort, you can clean your mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide. It would also provide you with temporary pain relief and is a crucial treatment process when you have a toothache with fever.

4. Use of ice

You can opt to place small ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply it on the aching tooth. If you choose to message the above layer of your tooth with ice, you can efficiently eliminate tooth pain. The numbing action of ice is effective in relieving pain.

5. Cover your cracks on tooth with a gum

If you have broken a tooth or you have lost a filling, then covering the crack with gum is the most effective option. This technique might work with a loose mixture too. In order to prevent discomfort, avoid chewing anything with the affected tooth.

6. Effective use of pressure

You can opt for an acupressure technique so that you can stop advancing tooth pain. With your thumb, you can press the point on the back of your hand. Apply pressure where the base of your index finger and thumb meets. Apply it for two minutes.

7. Brush with right tools

You should use toothpaste that is best for your teeth. Also, use a good quality brush which can efficiently clean the insides of your tooth.

8. Vinegar and Brown paper

You can take small pieces of brown paper and dab them into vinegar and black pepper and hold this into your cheek. It produces a warm sensation that cures your tooth pain.

9. Myrrh

A tincture of Myrrh is useful as it has astringent effects that help with inflammation and myrrh kills bacteria.

10. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has the delicate flavor and comprises of a numbing effect. It also has astringent tannins that help reduces a toothache. 

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