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Top 10 Tips to Grow Your Dental Marketing Strategy

Everyone knows you need an online presence to interact with clients on the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp etc. But say you set up shop and put out your first few posts - now what? Here are the top 10 tips to active and grow marketing for your dental practice.


  1. 1.    Be a leader in the conversation!

There is a huge online conversation happening within the dental industry. Whether it’s best practice, new technique, new ideas or more it’s the perfect place for your voice to be heard. Recognition is powerful and you can gain it from not only your peers but prospective clients who see your name on forums, sites, comments etc. Any of these interactions are also direct lines back to you and your site so speak up, be active and show you have opinions!


2. Have distinct and powerful content that engages the reader

Instead of looking for content you know your clients have seen before try to find interesting and conversation starting stories. Aim to be a thought leader in your industry and share distinctive, powerful content that shows you’re genuinely passionate about your profession and sets you apart. Be sure to add your own two cents then ask for the viewers!


3. Individualized interaction

When you ask for the reader’s two cents make sure you respond in kind - the goal is to make a direct connection within a larger, interesting conversation. Crowdsourcing topics from comments or current conversations being had by your audience is a great way to show you’re listening and participating.


4. Ensure that clients who interact with you online or offline meet the same person.

   Those two cents are important because you want to be distinct. The end goal is to bring people from online into your office - the odds of doing so are much greater when they can tell who they’ll be meeting. Perhaps even more importantly, your prospective clients want to know that they will like and can trust who they’ll be meeting.


5. Build Trust

The goal is to be a credible source of informationand conversation so be sure to fact check, fact check, fact check. Be ready to engage and respond if anyone speaks out with an opposing view or question. These are excellent, organic chances to build your credibility and genuine persona.


        6. Have Active content

The marketing term “Call to Action” means just that - make sure there’s a direct way for them to act on whatever has just been discussed. Talking about the top ten reasons why consistent cleanings are key to preventing periodontal disease? Add a button that easily creates an appointment. Discussing the different types of tooth restructuring such as a bridge vs. a crown or vs. an implant? Include a sign up for consultation.


7. Tap into the different types of content

    While blogs are powerful in getting you found and ranked high in the search engines you can best bridge the gap between the online screen and an in person dental office with videos. Walk them through your facility, staff and what they can expect. Make it easily digestible, interesting and reflective of what they can expect when they come in and you’ll see more and more clients convinced. Take Dr. Pimple Popper for example - her video empire has brought countless new clients from all over the world who trust her ability, and professionalism after seeing her on film. You don’t have to be the next pimple popper but giving an inside peek is a powerful tool. Know here the predictions of content marketing in 2017.


8. Build an Email List

A lot of times dental blogs or sites aren’t focused on lead conversion - they’re focused on style and content. Simple things like prompting an email sign up when they go to your site so you can send out promotions, offer specials and provide updates all mean you establish a strong and steady connection with engaged prospective, former or current clients.


9. Be user friendly

Automated and mobile reminders of appointments, easy access to change appointments or contact the staff, clearly displayed reviews and personalization are all key in keeping anyone who lands on your page engaged. By designing your online presence and patient tools with these in mind, you can create a powerful and effective user experience.


10. Personalization

Several studies show personalization means a stronger, positive association for the client - so be sure to provide a personal touch and availability to your site. Signing your business card with a short personal note versus simply handing out as many as possible is a great example you can translate online with personalized emails, posts, mobile reminders or comments.


Author bio: Charles Crawford is a high-level entrepreneur and co-founder of Crawford and O’Brien and Keeva Organics. Charles has been studying internet marketing, web design, and tech start-ups for years, and he has been successful with multiple business ventures such as affiliate marketing (where 98%+ of people never make money)

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