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This is the situation which you and I probably run into constantly: we are “too busy” solving the problems of today to re-evaluate the effectiveness of what we do. 

There are many examples in life. 

A patient is "too busy" to get a regular health visit and thus does not visit a doctor or dentist's office until a major pain or illness occur.  

Some of us try to give advices to someone we care about but that person is "too busy" to listen. 

You would like to find an "easier" and less stressful way of working and making money, but you are simply "too busy" solving the problems of today that you cannot pay attention to the future. 

If there is indeed a better way of doing business for your industry, such as a nice round wheel, versus a square wheel, can you imagine how easy it would make your business run? 

And how fast you would move ahead of your competition? 

My "UN-Advertising" program has created many "nice round wheels" for business/practice owners who had a hard time in getting enough new clients/patients. 

Many business/practice owners who were already doing well with their new clients/patients number succeed even more with our no-ads approach. 

Go ahead, set up an appointment at the end of this page:

If you ever feel you are "too busy", pause what you are doing briefly and do a thorough examination of your business process, and you might just discover, “Gee, I am using square wheels!” 

I have stepped back and re-evaluated my own business many times and often "struck gold" in my discoveries. 

I wish for you to find the same! 

Helmut Flasch 

CEO, Flasch International

Founder of "Un-Advertising" Award-winning Marketing Strategy


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