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To Survive Dentists Must Get Patients Reviews on Google Places

If you own your own practice and want to get more dental patients, you must start getting your rankings on Google My Business. This is how to get prime real estate for local search results. If that isn’t enough of a reason, here are a few more things to consider.


Get Results More Easily and Efficiently than Ever Before

A search engine results page (SERP) is what Google produces based in response to your patient’s keyword query. If you do are not a millennial, then here is a newsflash. Google is the new word-of-mouth and is how you get new dental patients. Google owns over 67 percent of the search engine market. In the last couple of years, Google has made a few changes and some of these developments heavily impact the way this monstrous search engine handles local listings. You must pay attention to these changes if you want to boost your visibility in Google search.


Good Dental Care Equates to More Traffic

Taking care of patients should always be a practitioner’s top priority, and the rest will come a little easier. It all starts with customer service. You must provide your patients with a comfortable and welcoming environment, helpful and friendly staff, easy scheduling, quality service and shining smiles patients can be proud of. Happy patients have incredible influence, but you cannot expect all of your marketing to simply take care of itself after that. You have to find ways to put these satisfied clients to work through an internal referral system. This takes effort and time if it is to be effective.


Establishing Your Online Presence is Essential

If you want to send patients to your Google My Business page, then it needs to be easily accessible and attractive. With the rollout in 2013 and the regular updates, Google constantly works to make life online easier and clearer for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Now, it is even simpler for SMBs, like dental practices, to set up, use and manage their Google profile. There you can edit your business information on Search, Maps and more. You can also share news and updates, respond to your current patients, get reviews and help new patients discover your business.


Why Reviews Matter

Once you have an established Google My Business Page you can reach current and prospective patients across multiple platforms. They can find you in Search, on their Maps and from their computer, phone or tablet. Now what matters is what these patients are looking for once they land on your page. Most modern clients want to get a quick feel for your dental practice and find out what type of service they can expect. Not only does the layout and clarity of your content matter, but also the reviews. These patient evaluations allow other to learn more about your practice and service. Also, the more reviews you have, the higher your visibility in Google search. SMBs with active Google My Business pages and numerous reviews often get top slots for local listings. The higher the ranking on an SERP; the more credibility you get for your business.


Now, Convert Your Patients to Reviewers

Sometimes getting reviews from your patients is worse than pulling teeth, and as a dentist, you know how tricky that procedure can be. Usually the best tactic is direct communication. When your patients sign in have them write down their email address and give them an opportunity to opt in for monthly newsletters or ask permission to add them to an email list. You can ask for email addresses over the phone or in-person. Then you can send out your monthly newsletter as well as a small, yet visible link to your Google My Business page. Just ask politely for a review and leave it at that. You do not have to pester your clients. Just let them know these reviews can really help your practice and will not take long.


What about Patients With a Vendetta?

Getting feedback is all well and good when it comes from happy patients. But what about the disgruntled client who just went through extractions and oral surgery in Huntington Beach? This is a major concern for many dental practitioners, and the fear of one negative review keeps them from moving forward. The truth is, most patients are not going to review your expertise as a dentist or the clinical nuances of surgery. They focus on their experience. Now, not all feedback is going to be positive. In these cases it is important to learn from your reviews and improve your practice. The key is generating fresh, positive reviews across all platforms. To accomplish this you have to request a review from each and every patient.


It is time to take a systematic approach to getting reviews on Google My Business. It may take some time to learn on the ins and outs of patient reviews, but once you have an established reputation on the all powerful Google, nothing can stop you.


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