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Keeping your dental staff, especially your dental assistants who aid you in your appointments with patients, motivated is extremely important for your dental practice. Without the motivation of your employees, your patients could be affected by the lack of caring in your place of work. This will affect your amount of patients overall and may even cause some of them, if not all, to switch from your dental practice to another. Or you face having to hire more employees, which is a time-consuming process.


There are many dental practices throughout North America, such as this cosmetic dentist in Orlando FL, who practice simple tricks to keep their employees in their dental practice motivated and happy to come to work each day.


Give Your Employees the Respect They Deserve


Giving your employees respect is a great way to ensure that everyone stays happy, joyful and most importantly, motivated in the workplace. This can be done by acknowledging the good work that they do each day and by showing them that they are appreciated. Everyone loves getting compliments and being respected, so showing your employees that you are grateful they are here working with you will soar to great heights.


For example, if your assistants are having a rough week because of family matters and they are doing a great job none the less, thank them. You can tell them you are happy they are able to come to work despite their home troubles. However, if they confide in you after the fact by saying that they are currently struggling, give them a day off. This will show your employees that you truly care about them and their well being and that you respect them enough to know when they are at their limit and need to take a much needed break.


Give Them Opportunities to Learn With You


If you are a dentist who takes time from your busy schedule to educate yourself, give your employees that opportunity as well. Sit down with everyone and talk to them about the classes, the seminars or other opportunities to learn and how it helps you to stay up to date with the dental industry.


Once you have introduced them to the idea, ask them if they would like to be involved with it as well. Going together as a team will surely bring motivation among your employees even if they just answer the phones because everyone will learn something new, useful and maybe even something fun. This will show your employees that you want them to be just as involved as you are and that you would like to share the experience with them.


Talk About Your Goals for the Practice


Sit down with your staff and go over your personal goals for your dental practice. Enlighten them on the fact that you want what’s best for everyone in the practice. Ask them what goals they have for themselves and the practice. Incorporating your goals with theirs is a great way to reach a common motivational ground that will help everyone to do better and strive to meet such goals.


This is a great way to build relationships with your employees and show them just how motivated you are. Remember, motivation can be quite contagious, so show your employees how dedicated, motivated and goal-oriented you are to your practice. No doubt they will follow suit.


Motivating Your Staff


Motivating your staff is not a difficult, timeless task, but it does take passion and motivation of your own. Showing your employees just how motivated you are to not only the success of your dental practice, but also the success of your employees. It is a great way to have everyone happy, motivated and hopeful of their future with you.


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