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The THREE Biggest Mistakes That Reduce Conversion of Web Visitors Into Patients

A dentist from San Diego CA spoke to me about his internet strategy of how he would drive visitors to his website through Google ads and social media postings. 

However, the conversion of web visitors to new patients remain very low. There are only several appointment requests a month. 

Another dentist from Florida told me she had invested in a $10,000 website with the hope of being found on search engines.

She got onto Google's 1st page but the "gorgeous" website with all the bells and whistles did little to convert visitors to new patients. 

Here are the 3 most common mistakes that decrease your internet new patient inquiries:  

1) A website with too many features to click on distracts the visitor from actually setting an appointment.

Have you ever been to a website where you were at first interested and after clicking on a few more pages, you got distracted and clicked off without making a purchase?

The more pages you have to your site, the easier a potential patient clicks off.  

2) A one-shot approach to convert web visitors without a follow-up system is throwing your hard-earned advertising money away.

What is a one-shot approach? 

It means if I land on your web page today and click off without making an appointment, you would lose me forever. 

You do not know who I am and how to find me again. 

Let's say you get 2000 visitors to your web page every month. 

If you knew WHO are these visitors, even though they have never left their names and phone numbers, and you could TARGET these visitors again by showing your ads to them, wouldn't you increase the chance of conversion since these visitors were interested before, and they now see your message over and over again? 

This is called "re-marketing." 

To set this up is not rocket science either. It is as simple as inserting a standard code into your website, which can then capture visitors' info. And yes, this is fully legal. :) 

3) Too much technical info on your page, and there are no "emotions" to your sales copy.

People like services such as yours NOT BECAUSE of your diploma or where you graduated from or how many years of experiences you have. 

They don't come to you because you have a professional picture taken with your staff.  

If your web pages contained words like "patient, friendly, caring, expert, state-of-the-art," you have portrayed yourself as no different than the tens of thousands of doctors in your profession. 

I have put together a special training for CEO and practice owners on how to get Internet New Patients in 49 days or less. 

Doctors are able to spend the least amount of time and get the maximum number of new appointments.

Even if you think your internet campaigns are extremely successful, you will still get so much knowledge out of our strategy meeting. 

Don't waste your hard-earned money on ads or SEO. Get smarter on how to convert patients:

Helmut Flasch
CEO, Flasch International

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