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The Magic of Dental Implants

You may think magic and dental implants go together like toothpaste and orange juice, but the two make a better combo than you may initially think. Don’t believe it? Here’s a few ways dental implants are, indeed, magical.

They change your appearance

Gasp! Dental implants can make your smile look stronger and healthier?! They’re not exactly meant to be a cosmetic replacement for teeth, but yes, they’ll make your teeth all pretty and straight. Dental implants are like natural teeth, only upgraded. They look and feel like your real teeth, but they won’t be as prone to shifting or breaking since they’re made of titanium. This will keep your dental implants aligned and sturdy, allowing those pearly whites to stay as pretty as the day you got them.

Not only will your smile look like it costs as much as Beyoncé’s net worth (*cough cough* 350 million), but it can actually change the structure of your entire face. Decayed teeth and gaps can make the structure of your face weaker, as well as damage your jaw. With dental implants, your jaw and facial structure will look and be strong again, since the gaps and unhealthy teeth will be replaced with strong substitutes.

They protect your jawbone and remaining healthy teeth

This kind of delves deeper into the whole “damage your jaw” thing from before. As you now know, rotting teeth and gaps can lead to damage to your jawbone, as well as affect the alignment and health of the surrounding teeth. Dental implants will fill in the gaps, prevent bacteria from spreading to healthy teeth, and strengthen your jawbone. You may now eat in peace and comfort!


Difficulty chewingand speech impediments will be a thing of the past

Speaking of eating and other Rated-G mouth activities, damaged teeth can make normal activities, such as eating and speaking, a challenge. A weak jaw and fragile teeth can make eating uncomfortable, or even painful, while tooth gaps can lead to speech impediments. Nobody wants to feel self-conscious while eating or speaking, especially due to weak and unhealthy teeth. As said in the paragraph above, dental implants will strengthen your jawbone, fill those gaps, and keep disease and bacteria from spreading. Go out eat that Big Mac with pride!


They improve your overall oral health

Tooth decay and tooth gaps are starting to sound worse than they already did, huh. That’s because they really are that bad,and affect your oral health in more ways than you’d think. Dental implants fix that. They improve bone structure, fill tooth gaps, eliminate bacteria and prevent disease from spreading. All without damaging the alignment of your healthy teeth.

The final perk? They’ll last as long as you let them. With proper care, your dental implants can last as long as a lifetime! Talk about a smart investment for a one-time procedure.


Do you believe in the magic of dental implants?

Okay, so maybe dental implants don’t pull a quarter out of your ear. But hey, can a human magician give you titanium teeth? Can a human magician improve your overall oral health and strengthen the structure of your face? Nope! It’s quite plausible, however, that a well-trained dentist could do it. Who else can install dental implants? Either that or Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris can do anything…


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