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In my last blog, we discussed how to change the commonly held perception of dentistry, but this time around, I’d like to talk about how modern technology is changing the reality of what dentistry can be. Our world is becoming a far different place than it was even 10 years ago. The tools used for performing dentistry are changing, and now’s the time to make certain that your practice is changing with them.

As you know, all of us in the industry need to help spread the word about how dentistry has changed to the public, but that’s only the first step. To really demonstrate your commitment to providing the best experience available to patients, you need to invest in the technology that’s available to you.

Frankly, I think just about every practice out there should invest in a laser if they haven’t already. The drill has such a negative association to so many patients that even the most successful dentists could benefit from using it less. Keep in mind that you don’t even need to use the drill on a patient to make them uncomfortable. The mere sound of it is enough. Why would you want to put your patients through something that you know is disturbing to so many of them if there’s no longer any need to?

I feel much the same way about The WandTM, a device that controls the flow of anesthetic and reduces the
discomfort of injections. I know there are many, many dentists out there who “give a great shot”…but it’s still a shot. Even if a patient can’t actually feel the needle, simply knowing that it’s there and in use causes a lot of discomfort to so many people. More importantly, the pain patients feel is primarily caused by the pressure of the anesthesia. The Wand can make a huge difference in their overall comfort.

I know that there are costs associated with new technology (and I haven’t even touched on some of the big things, like CEREC® or cone beam technology), but there are also benefits that may not be readily apparent. One of the most valuable benefits is the marketing advantage new technology gives your practice. If you invest in a CEREC machine, The Wand or any other new equipment, start promoting it in your advertising. Write about it in your newsletter or on your website. Point it out to new patients the first time they come to your office, taking care to explain exactly what it does and how it benefits them. Even if the patient isn’t in need of the technology, the fact that you have it will create a great impression and will help reassure your patients that they’ve selected a first-class dentist.

Dentistry is becoming more comfort-conscious, and soon the general public is going to realize it. When that happens, you’re not going to want to be behind the curve. Investing in new, modern equipment not only provides your patients with a more comfortable experience, but it allows you to easily market your reputation as a practice that puts your patients first. You’re not just offering a promise, you’re offering solid proof. And nothing resonates with your patients more than that.

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