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Let's think about the very, very, very best business life insurance you can possibly get. In fact, I believe it is the only business life insurance you can get. 

Let's right away define “business life insurance.” This type of insurance, I am going to write about, is keeping your business alive at the very, very worst and it is making you grow and make money on a regular basis whereas in a normal life insurance and a personal life insurance you only get paid after you die. 

That’s why it was called death insurance -- the dying insurance -- for a long, long time ago. 

The word death didn't always go so well, thus some marketing people changed it to life insurance and it started selling. 

What I am writing about is a real life insurance which keeps you alive and makes you grow. 

What is it? It's marketing. It's marketing, period. 

However, it is marketing without depending only on advertising. 

It's marketing based on storytelling, such as being involved in the community and making a story out of it.  

If the economy goes bad, there is only one way that people out there, your potential patients, would remember you and that is when you keep marketing and keep putting your stories out there -- especially stories that inspire people positively.

Because of that -- you will be remembered for years, years and years.

When times go bad, 95% of your competition will pull back when it comes to any marketing activity they did. They will pull back on reaching out to patients because they will try to fire any or all guns they have to do a little bit they did already. 

They will be forgotten and you -- go up then. 

If the times keep going good, your community-story type of marketing will put you ahead of the game. 

Most businesses are still using traditional ads which do not get emotional responses, yet your marketing messages will be remembered. 

So, marketing with emotional storytelling messages, which is what I have taught in my Un-advertising program, is the best business life insurance you can possibly have!

Nothing in the world -- no stock investments etc, nothing will bring a greater return than you investing in marketing. 

Helmut Flasch 

CEO, Flasch International

Founder of "Un-Advertising" Award-winning Marketing Strategy


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