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The Ashley show just keeps getting better

This Bachelorette stuff is a riot! Mental kisses, monks, two-on-one dating, Muay Thai boxing, and, best of all for the dental geeks, Blake Julian, Dentist, who's still in the running. And fortunately he isn't the bachelor that was sent to the hospital after a Muay Thai fight (that was Ames). No teeth were damaged during filming.

Ashley chose to have the men take their aggression out on each other through boxing while she "checked out their masculinity" and "couldn't get her mind off Bentley." I love Kristen Baldwin's of take on the masculinity. "Um, sweetheart, if you have to look that hard for it (masculinity), you may not get that fairy tale ending you're hoping for."

According to, "Blake in particular must realize how nondescript he's been, because he declares that he needs to win this fight and show Ashley that he's 'more than just a dentist.' Luckily he does, showing Ashley and the world that in addition to being a dentist, he's also extremely aggressive. Well done, champ! ... And though Ashley is charmed and he did face brain trauma for her affections, the group date rose goes to Blake the Dentist, presumably for finally showing her that he's 'more than just a dentist.'" Read more:

Some bloggers online speculate — "Will dentistry bring Ashley and Blake together?" What are his chances? Well, he has great teeth. But then, so does Ashley. He worked hard to capture that elusive romantic moment with Ashley, and according to, "Blake gets the pity rose, because Ashley knows he needs some 'positive reinforcement.' How very romantic!"

The same blogger who wonders if dentistry will bring them together states, "This guy is a man with a plan. Blake is a guy that knows where he is going and aims to get there. Hence, he is a planner and by nature is competitive. Look for him to have an outspoken voice during the live-in situation with the other guys. He can be tough. In a word, Blake tends to take life serious and for openers he has gotten things working for him because he’s a dentist."

That's all good speculation, but if Ashley is still hung up on someone who treated her like dirt, I'd say no one has a very good chance of finding "true" love with her.

Ashley's obviously a smart woman. Several years of dental school will do that for a person. So in my humble opinion I hope she can show a little less ditz and insecurity in the future and a little more level headedness.

But then, I guess that wouldn't make for good "reality" TV now, would it?



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Comment by Meg Kaiser on June 29, 2011 at 3:26pm

Well, this is the week Ashley told Blake, her fellow dentist, to hit the road. In one of the interviews conducted afterwards, Blake declared, "I was angry." He tried so hard to overcome his nondescript demeanor, but that did little to help Ashley overcome her feelings for "the villain," Bentley. The lightbulb finally came on and she realized "Bentley just wasn't that into her." DUH!

But thanks to her obsession with Bentley and reports that he would be on this week's show, The Bachelorette enjoyed its best ratings in three weeks with 8 million viewers. However, several reader comments following online recaps declared Ashley "incapable of intimacy" and "ridiculous." Are viewers becoming sick of her drama? Isn't that the whole purpose of the show?

She's down to three bachelors, which now do not include the other dentist. Of course spoiler reports are rampant, "the chemistry between Ashley and JP Rosenbaum was undeniable," but I'll go the old fashioned route to see who Ashley chooses. What a way to find "love." 

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