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Seven Successful Dentists and How They Built Thriving Practices

Beautiful Colorado Springs is home to many great dentists. Among them are the elite few who have received the honor of being recognized as a "Top Dentist" by the Consumers Research Council of America. We see the awards proudly displayed in their offices or their names listed within the magazines. However, when it comes to achieving a level of success that builds to such notoriety, sometimes the history becomes more elusive. While it took some digging, we have finally unearthed the details behind seven of the very best dentists in Colorado Springs.


Our first Top Dentist, Dr. Robert Corr of Apex Endodontics, began his career path with a simple love of learning. Dr Corr was elected to specialize in the soft tissues of the mouth and hence, in 2009 Apex Endodontics was born. Dr. Corr's key to success involved placing an emphasis on patient comfort, while utilizing the most advanced dental technology available for his practice.


For Dr. William Bertsch, our second Top Dentist and a Colorado Springs native, building a successful practice means building on top notch service and dedication. He has been paired with Cheyenne Mountain Dental Group for the last 23 years of the practice’s total of 25 in business.


Whether you need braces, orthognathic surgery, or are experiencing jaw pain, Dr. Allen Benning of Benning and Mathews Orthodontics is poised to help. As an Air Force Reserve veteran, Dr. Benning received his Master’s degree in 1974 and has spent the last 41 years brightening the smiles of all of his patients. He finds success through his vast experience.


Who says you’re too old to get braces? Not the 20 year veteran smile maker, Dr. Daniel Avant of Avant Orthodontist. His practice boasts a large percentage of adult patients seeking tooth realignments to gain the confidence a beautiful smile can bring. This pillar of the community has been named a Top Dentist on multiple occasions between 2008 and 2014 and bases his success on unmatched patient services.


Sometimes in life, fate becomes involved in the paths we take. That’s how it was for our fifth Top Dentist, Dr. Christina Sletten of Rock Dental. Considering both sides of her family are involved in dentistry, Dr. Sletton saw this field as the most logical career path for herself as well. As a 6th time Top Dentist nominee, Dr. Sletton has found her success in the rare niche of Bioesthetic dentistry. She is one of only 250 specially trained dentists in the world who places emphasis on the biomechanics of the chewing system.


When it comes to greatness, there are a few who find their paths to success paired with that of another’s. That is the story behind Anderson Family Dental. Dr. Richard Anderson founded the practice in 1966 and then merged his practice with that of his son's, Dr. Erick Anderson, in 2002. In no time at all, this father-son duo soon became an unbeatable team when both were named as Top Dentists in 2013 as well as 2014. They take great pride in building personal relationships with all of their patients and will do anything they can to meet their client’s oral health care needs.


Our seventh and final Top Dentist, Dr. Mark Albers' career took off while he was still an associate dentist. Sometimes, opportunity knocks and you have to either open the door or pass it up. The choice for Dr. Albers was easy. He took over another local practice in 1990 and found unique ways to make it his very own, and that is how Albers Dental was born. Today, Albers Dental is a thriving practice in the Colorado Springs community. Dr. Albers is a firm believer in furthering his clinical expertise and dedicates a lot of his time outside of his practice to the pursuit of continued education.


Although the path to becoming a Top Dentist differed, it took heavily involved years of both hard work and dedication for all seven Colorado Springs dentists. For some, success in their practice comes from specialization and for others, years of experiences. Despite their differences, all these dentists agree that their success boils down to providing optimal patient care to not only improve dental health, but also overall well being.  If you are dentist and want to be successful in marketing your dental practice, visit our website and read more how we can help you as well.

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