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Just curious.....What piezo are u using? And what are pros and cons. Need some input. Thankx

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Comment by Mary Jane RDH BS on October 4, 2010 at 5:21am
I also find that Satelec handle very slippery; and i agree; I very rarely had to switch to a different cavitron tip but constantly have to with a piezo. They are very limited and as Suzanne says, very hard to keep hold of if they are not in their "carrier/wrenches"
Comment by Suzanne Newkirk on October 3, 2010 at 5:44pm
I have a Satelec "knock off" and use Hu-friedy bladed tips (4R,4L and a universal) while doing Perioscopy.
When I purchased it, I liked it because the fatter handles are removeable for sterilization (unlike many Cavitron type ultrasonics).
Using a Piezo requires a learning curve because it is different than instrumenting with a magneto. Piezo instrumenting uses the front 1/3 side of the instrument. A magneto uses all surfaces and the tip is the most powerful part.
To change tips in a Piezo, you have to screw them on and off, which is time consuming. I ended up purchasing more handles because I thought I could be more time efficient by changing out the handles instead of changing tips, but it is more expensive to do it that way. Another con is that the screw on tips can go down the drain easily if you don't use a carrier to sterilize them in.

As far as removing calc and burnishing- I couldn't say for sure. My observations while using an endoscope is that I "think" one gets more burnishing with hand instruments instead of ultrasonics.

I just purchased a manual tune Tony Riso magnetostrictive, (which I like very much) and also use it when doing perioscopy. I am able to clean almost all surfaces of the teeth with just one insert (instead of 3 different tips and do not have to change out handles).
Ergonimically, the smaller handle of the Tony Riso does not bother my hand in comparison to the fater handle of the Piezo. I like being able to use 1 insert for calculus removal throughtout the mouth and and when necessary, like the Piezo, I just turn up the amplitude for removal of heavier deposit.

I enjoy using both ultrasonics, but wish I had invested in the Tony Riso prior to purchasing the Piezo. Hope this helps.
Comment by Mary Jane RDH BS on September 23, 2010 at 6:36pm
Satelec..and I do not like it. I loved my Dentsply cavitron..but I changed offices and the female dentists insists that piezo's do not burnish calculus. That depends on the skill of the operator and their knowledge of anatomy, not the type of ultrasonic you are using.


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