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No. 1 Way Dentists Market Their Practice

These days online marketing for dentists is booming, and if you have a dental practice, this is certainly a trend you want to ride. Especially if your practice is well-known, digital marketing platforms can give you access to more patients, both new clients and returning customers. The benefits of these free marketing tools are endless as long as you know how to manage and maintain them. This is why online marketing is the No. 1 strategy for dental care practitioners across the Unites States.  


Linking Traditional Marketing with Modern Strategies

These days there are so many ways a dentist can market their practice and it can be overwhelming. The first thing you need to consider is your physical location, where you are on the map. For example, if your practice is located in Annapolis, make sure your target patients know about your clinic through local print media and broadcasting. Second, you need to emphasize what kind of dental services you offer. If a patient is looking for amalgam removal in Auckland, make sure to fully advertise the services you provide on your optimized website. These are marketing strategies you should already have well in hand. But what next? Well, you can give your patients more access to your practice and generate more traffic through social media marketing.


Converting Clicks to Clients Through Social Media

Luckily, there are many social media platforms dentists can choose to market their practices. Three of the most effective include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkedIn especially, is a social media website targeted toward businesses. The purpose of LinkedIn is to create networks and connections among businesses, professional colleagues and potential clients. A patient looking for a trustworthy dental clinic can easily use LinkedIn to search out an established dental practice with rave reviews. A complete LinkedIn profile with connections to other dental practices or clinics, signals to the patient that your business is established and trustworthy.


You can use Facebook and Twitter as marketing and advertising tools. These websites can let people know of any new services, promotion  or discounts your clinic offers. They also help give them a peek behind the curtain, as it where, and better connect with your office first-hand. Patients can also give their feedback for your clinic. The good comments act as a positive review of your services and the bad provide you with opportunities to improve. If a potential patient sees your Facebook page full of good feedback from other satisfied clients, this may give them incentive  to try your office for dental care.


SEO Marketing Strategies

Dentists can also use the power of Google Adwords and search engine optimization  (SEO) to help market and advertise their services. Google Adwords basically works like a paid advertisement. When people search for related keywords to your practice, for example, root canal treatment or plaque removal, Google takes note of their searches. In the future, when they go online and use Google as their browser, it sends them targeted ads for your services in your area. This is a good way to reach a specific target market, as well as focus on a potential client pool.


SEO marketing works by increasing your page ranking on Google through relevant and optimized content, so your references come in the first few links on the results list. This is where most people end up clicking. If you want to increase business towards your dental practice, getting your dental clinic ranked on the first page of a client search is a good way to increase traffic to your website.


Are You Ready to Take the Plunge Into Online Marketing?

The important question to consider is which marketing practices will work best for you. There is no “one-size-fits-all,” because different strategies can work for different practices. Look for something that fits both your budget and your marketing goals. The best way to accomplish all this is by hiring a competent and experienced SEO marketing company, as well as a social media expert. Let them handle your online marketing campaign, and then you can continue to focus on the most important part of your practice, helping and serving your patients.

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