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First I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Walter, and I represent MK Dental Studio in southern California. I have been involved in the dental industry for about 9 years and at the moment I am the V.P. of marketing here at MK. Now with that being said I have gotten a chance to work for high production labs and also smaller ‘boutique style’ labs. One thing that I have always taken away from any lab is that a dentist is always looking for that hidden treasure in a new laboratory, but sometimes choosing a new lab can turn into the disappointment of an angry patient, leaving you, the dentist, looking bad.

Too many times labs promise the dentist a certain technician to do their work and when production picks up those big manufacturing labs pull what I like to call “the old switch-a-roo” by giving your case to a less experienced technician hoping to achieve the same results. At MK we can assure you a master ceramist will be working on your case to achieve the same great quality every time. Yes, the big labs do offer low pricing, and at times great promotions, but what if a lab comes around that not only can offer completive pricing, but can also guarantee that pricing will not change? In a down economy it would be nice to have that kind of security, and MK Dental can give it to you.

MK Dental is a small laboratory with about 10 technicians in all. Our boutique style allows us to adjust to any situation whether it’s pricing, turnaround time or simply going over a case. Our technicians are not just out of school technicians, but veterans in the field of dentistry and follow all instruction with a well trained eye for detail. I can assure you that our crown and bridge work is of high caliber whether it’s a single posterior or bridge, our standards are set high. You will also be impressed with the level of quality of our cosmetic cases because MK veneers are simply amazing.

Monica Kim is our C.E.O with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, CDT, and LVI certified. Her level of study has taken her to the renowned Willi Geller to study abroad at his prestigious Oral Design Studios in Switzerland. Monica is committed to pass this knowledge on to her technicians in order to achieve greater levels in the dental industry. I hope that you consider our team, and whether it’s a crown, bridge or veneer I know you will appreciate our signature design.

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