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Marketing your Dental Practice to Millennials in 2017 (and Beyond)

As Millennials obtain more purchasing power, marketing strategies must adapt to capture their attention and business. But, that can be a tough undertaking since millennials are the most connected generation ever, and traditional advertising efforts don’t persuade them to act. However, they are also fierce brand advocates that are loyal to brands that they trust. So, how can your dental practice appeal to millennial buyers, and turn them into recurring patients?

Get a Responsive Website
Responsive websites were once a good business practice, but they’re now absolutely essential if your dental practice wants to show up in search results. That’s because Google recently announced that sites that are not responsive will s..., and see far less traffic than sites that are responsive. Additionally, millennials use mobile devices to access the internet 3X more than they do on a traditional desktop. When purchasing or designing a website, be sure that it is built with a responsive design, and that there’s not a separate mobile version of your site, which can hurt your search result  rankings.

Optimize Your Site for Voice Search
By 2020, experts predict that voice searches will make up 50% of all searches performed online, with millennials being the primary drivers of voice search. By optimizing your dental practice for voice search, you can capture a large crowd of millennials who already rely upon it as a daily tool. To do so, follow these basic steps:

1- Update your contact page.
2- Check off-site directories for listing accuracy.
3- Optimize your on-page content with natural language.

By taking these steps, you make it much easier to be found by those using voice searches.

Generate Meaningful reviews
Millennials don’t trust brands outright, but they do trust third-party reviews. In fact, 93% of millennials rely upon consumer reviews before making a purchasing decision. This makes it vital that you provide an excellent patient experience, and make it easy for your patients to review your practice online. Generating reviews can be tough, but if you provide a fantastic in-office experience, they will organically occur.

Provide Authentic Content
When marketing to millennials, it’s all about trust. 47% of millennials trust user-generated content, versus 36% of baby boomers. A blog gives you a great opportunity to share some of your dental expertise and cultivate millennial trust. Write about dental topics that concern your patients and your community. Try to start small by writing one or two posts per month, then increase your posting to improve your SEO impact. Try to use natural language that answers very specific questions, so that you can appeal to common dental queries.

Scale Back on Traditional Advertising
A 2014 study revealed that 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising methods, which means that you should take a different approach when marketing to millennials. Instead of traditional ads, try running a basic social media advertising campaign, which is far more likely to be seen by your target demographic. 86% of US adults aged 18-29 are on some form of social media. With advanced analytics available on the large social media platforms, you can accurately target a specific audience by age, geography and much, much more. Social media ads are also way more affordable than print advertisements, and can be up and running at the drop of a hat.

Millennials are Loyal
According to a recent study, just over 50% of millennials consider themselves extremely loyal to their favorite brands. By being authentic, and not being overly pushy with your ad campaigns, you can capture patients in the most brand-loyal generation ever.

Scott Childress is the director of Internet marketing and social media at Smile Savvy. As an expert in online marketing, Scott oversees the management of over 700 accounts for dentists in forty-seven states and six countries. Scott spent over 13 years in the nonprofit world using 21st-century outreach tools for an increasingly tech-savvy donor base. He has provided presentations and CE lectures for major dental conventions throughout the United States.

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