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Maintain an Excellent Oral Health Routine by Training Your Brain

From the time we get up from our bed to the moment we arrive home from school or work, we certainly have routines to follow. By the looks of it, our brain seems to be creating these "schedules" or "shortcuts" for us to adhere.


Sad to say, these shortcuts might not always do good for us. Why? That is because our brains often opt for the easiest route, which causes us to miss some important matters.


When it comes to our oral health, missing a day or two in brushing your teeth is a big no-no. If forgotten, it may only cause oral complications like tooth decay. So, to prevent this from happening, here are some hacks so as not to let your brain forget about your routine. This article is written with the help of Dr. R. David Remaley At Roswell Dental Care - Atlanta Dentist


Remember CRR

Cue, Routine, and Reward are the three things that affect our daily habits. Basically, the cue prompts us to do a task. The routine, on the other hand, is the task itself. Lastly, the reward is the reason you are doing it.


For instance, missing brushing at night. In this task, the cue is to rest. The routine is you change into your sleeping clothes. Finally, the reward is longer sleeping hours. If you wish to change this routine, you might need to change the precursors. Don't fret as the reward will remain as is. What happens is that you simply increase your brushing time and then enjoy more hours of sleeping. It's that easy!

Making It Happen

Although it could be difficult to observe this new routine, it is still possible. You might just need to focus onto some things. For example, you can eat your dinner earlier or arrange all your things in bed to have more time in the evening for brushing.


The key to being successful here is to maximize all the time you have so as to have more room for the new routine. Therefore, your new cue will be wanting to rest. The routine is to brush your teeth before you go to bed. And the reward is more sleep.


Practicing the Routine

More often than not, people fail to accomplish their new routine within the first week. But if you manage to do it consistently for at least 2 months, it will eventually become your habit. Well, if you wish to stick to your habit, even longer, here are some tips.

1. Reward yourself even more.

Rewards don't necessarily have to be so big. You can at least treat yourself with a physical reward if you manage to stay consistent with your habit.

2. Take note of your progress.

If possible, keep track of your goals by creating charts or taking logs. This will give you a better idea whether or not you deserve to be rewarded.

3. Ask for help.

It is never wrong to seek help. Ask your family members to guide you in the process because as humans, we tend to miss out some things. A little help from others won't hurt you.

4. Educate yourself.

One of the best and easiest way to achieve your goal of being consistent in your oral health routine is through education. Be open to new ideas and techniques and you will reap the benefits of having a healthy set of teeth.


Hopefully, you find these hacks helpful to keep a great oral health. Break a leg in staying consistent with your oral health habits!


Author bio: Charles Crawford is a high-level entrepreneur and co-founder of Crawford and O’Brien and Keeva Organics. Charles has been studying internet marketing, web design, and tech start-ups for years, and he has been successful with multiple business ventures such as affiliate marketing (where 98%+ of people never make money).

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