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Everybody likes to be successful in business and happy in their life. In the pursuit of what is so-called success, some important points of life unfortunately are forgotten. 

For example, when you just want to have a cup of coffee, and having coffee is your goal, does it matter what cup you choose?

In your practice, which things are the most important? Some dentists and doctors spend lots of their energy on having a fancy office, efficient employees, high quality "branding" of their stationery and a having high profit margin (they must be compensated for the extra time they spend with patients).

There is nothing wrong with pursuing all of the above. 

But if a practice owner's goal is simply to have great satisfaction and lots of money and time left over to pursue personal fun and family time, then perhaps some of the above things may not be needed to focus on, as they may not be a necessary part of the steps to reach one's goals. 

Those things are only the packaging; it’s just the cup. What’s really important, and what you want is simply the coffee.

And what is the coffee for you? Enjoyment of your profession? Ability to make great income without being limited by whether you are in the office or not? 

Recognize what you truly want and stop putting all your attention on things that do not play a role for your ultimate goal.

Learn how to understand what is truly important as a business owner.

My Un-Advertising "story-sharing" strategy is one of the most important direct and simple ways of acquiring new patients. 

If your goal is to increase your bottom line and increase loafing time, then find out how this strategy will be one of the most important actions to take towards your goal:

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