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It's being reported that Lady Gaga is going the way of Kanye West. No, she won't be interrupting other celebrity's acceptance speeches (that we know of). She plans to get marquise diamond teeth implants, in time for the Thierry Mugler fashion show in Paris at the end of the month, as reported in The Sun. 

Gaga’s Dutch designer Otazu confirmed her "expensive" step. Others speculate her dental bill will be as high as her jewelry bill.

One of the first things that comes to my mind of course, is why? But then, I'm not a flashy celebrity. Some celebrities do these things because they can, and I'm sure her dentist's bottom line is going to be very happy. But it sounds rather painful. But it will certainly gain Lady Gaga attention, like she needs it.

Several reports indicate that rapper Lil Waye has diamond teeth and is unable to eat solid foods. Let's hope Lady Gaga doesn't find herself in that situation. Self imposed diet, one report suggested? 

The controversial singer is no stranger to dentists. She had fangs implanted two years ago to join in with the vampire craze. Chalk up another one for strange.

Here is a sampling of the many reports that came out over the weekend on the web. What do you think of celebrities doing such strange things to their teeth? Are they doing damage, either now or later? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Comment by Meg Kaiser on October 5, 2011 at 9:07am

Well, Lady Gaga's teeth don't resemble Kanye West's, thank goodness. She actually got two diamonds on her two front teeth to create "iced out incisors." Here are the pics and a video of her diamond gap teeth on, which she just showed off in a Mugler Paris Fashion Week video, complete with extra-long multicolored pigtails.

The close-up photo makes it clear the diamonds didn't replace her natural teeth, but look as though they were placed on top. From a distance it creates a blingy, gap-toothed look.

So unlike Kanye, (who I think is on the road to some long-term damage) Gaga should not experience as much awkwardness eating and talking, and her teeth appear to be temporary. Smart move, in my opinion.  


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