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A dentist from Atlanta spoke to one of our staff at Flasch International and said though she liked our marketing strategies, she would never invest in any marketing plan unless she was fully sure it would work. 

When my staff asked her, "How would you know for sure it would work or not if you have not even tried it?"

That dentist started to rant about the past 1 or 2 marketing companies that "took her money" and did not deliver the results. She blamed those companies for her failures and thus decided never to engage in new marketing ideas. 

I made this video 6 years ago. After hearing such stories from business owners as above, I decided to share this video here. 

It is important to hit hard (making efforts towards your intended goal), but it is more important to learn how to stand up again and persevere in making an effort again after being hit.

When people have had one too many bad marketing experiences, most of them become reluctant to try again. They become cautious. They cut back. They blamed the economy, their employees, their profession, the sales people who sell them new ideas. 

There are small failures with everything in life. However, if you are worried about the inevitable setbacks, you will not reach your goal of achieving success. 

The good news is that your competition thinks the exact same way. 

They had one failed marketing attempt and they decide to move slow, or even opt out of all future marketing efforts, which would have brought them prosperity if they tried more options. 

If you learn to avoid focusing on the possibility of failing, be equally unaffected by the idea of losing OR winning, you will start winning!

The key is to focus on continually persevering despite any setbacks. 

The most money you will ever lose is not the money you waste, but the money that you will never make because of the fear of failure!

Learn how to understand what is truly important as a business owner.

My Un-Advertising "story-sharing" strategy is one of the most important direct and simple ways of acquiring new patients. 

In a sea of over-saturated "advertising" messages, your new patient message will not be seen nor be heard in sufficient quantity to make any difference to your traffic. 

Un-Advertising solves this. 

If your goal is to increase your bottom line and increase leisure time, then "Un-Advertising" is for you:

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