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Invisalign Braces Treatment in Shoreline, Seattle & Milton, WA

Invisalign Braces Treatment at Reign Dental Offices Near Shoreline, Seattle & Milton, WA

Invisalign braces are a new generation, transparent braces for teeth straightening. It is made of thermoplastic material which is transparent and it does not contain any metal wire or braces. It is specially designed to move your teeth horizontally or vertically to give them a perfect shape.

Teeth straightening process generally takes 6-12 months or it depends upon your needs. The cost of Invisalign braces is generally more than regular braces, but it is more effective than regular ones.

For best results, wear your Invisalign braces 20-22 hours a day and visit your dentist after every 4-5 weeks or as prescribed by your dentist. If you want more details on Invisalign braces, you can visit Reign Dental located in Shoreline, Seattle, and Milton, WA. Click here to continue reading...!

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