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I don't care if you're an elephant or a donkey ... just cast your ballot

I have a pretty simple philosophy on life when it comes to politics, religion, and other potentially confrontational topics: I lead my life and you lead yours. I’m about as tolerant as you get when it comes to those topics … as long as you don’t start smothering me with your opinions and telling me I’m wrong to have mine. That’s the beauty of this country … we can all have our own belief system and actually express it whenever and wherever we like. I just don’t like people bashing me over the head with their view of “what’s right” and telling me I’m wrong because I believe differently. It’s happened to me before, and few things make me want to bolt away from someone more than that.

Yes, I have a political opinion. Yes, I have my religious beliefs as well. No, I’m not going to share them with you. That’s just not how I roll. If you’ve ever received an email from me, you know my religious beliefs (my grandma’s favorite Bible verse is in my signature line as a tribute to her), but I’m not going to condemn you or try to change you if you believe differently. I also belong to a political party, but that doesn’t always mean that I’m going to vote for someone simply because he or she belongs to my party. I’d rather know exactly what the candidate stands for and cast my vote with the person who more closely matches what I think is the best direction for my city, state, and country.

I know there will be some backlash for the articles (click here and click here) dealing with politics in this issue of Proofs. I know I’ll be accused of being a liberal, a conservative, or who knows what else. You can accuse me of a lot of things, but there is one thing I’m very proud of being … an editor. It’s my job to bring you timely stories and let you determine what you take away from them. Am I trying to sway your vote in this issue? Absolutely not. Am I trying to inform you with a couple of articles that I think you and your customers will find interesting? Absolutely.

Honestly, I don’t care if you’re a donkey or an elephant. I truly don’t. If you’re an American citizen, I believe you have the duty and honor to cast your ballot this November for whomever you like, prefer, and believe in. My grandpa and dad fought for that right, and I think it’s a shame to waste that privilege.

Get to know the candidates and cast your vote this November. Read on, this is your e-newsletter…

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