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How to Use Social Media Websites to Grow Your Dental Practice?

Using social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to get your practice’s name out there. Utilizing all platforms available is extremely important because everyone is online these days and looking for the next best thing. This next best thing, interestingly enough, could very well be your dental practice.


SEO Optimization


Through SEO optimization, you will bring in clients through search engines, not just social media websites. This can be done by adding the link to your dental practice through your social media page. The best way to do this, is to use a specific keyword a number of times on your website through your social media website and have a couple of articles on your website with it hidden in there. For example, you could do something along the lines of “cheap dentist in Colorado Springs”.


Use Twitter Like No Tomorrow


Twitter is the social media website that you want to use the most. Not only is it a powerful marketing tool, it can be used to focus and share updates, learn from your client’s past experiences, connect with your professional peers and even connect with your patients to see how they are doing. You can tweet a short message of up to 140 characters each throughout the day about anything regarding your dental practice.


You can reach out and advertise your dental practice on Twitter quite easily as users who are your patients will be able to recommend you to their friends and family by following and forwarding your feed. Twitter offers the following benefits:


  • Being able to post relevant information to your patients, and prospects.

  • Use website links, such as yours, as well as intriguing content using your specific keyword that is linked back to your website to get attention.

  • Fun articles and pictures can be posted and shared, especially fun pictures from around your practice of whatever you want.

  • And more!


Contests Through Facebook and Twitter


This is the best way to gain new patients through social media while reaching out to your current patients, as well. For example, you could post a picture that has to do with the contest you are holding, and for someone to win, they must share your picture onto their news or Twitter feeds with a specific caption, which could be the name of your dental practice, using a hashtag. So, for example, it could look something like, “#ColoradoSpringsDentistry”.


This is a great way to reach out to potential patients through a subtle, friendly manner. Surely those who are participating will be asked by non-patients how they can enter the contest as well, and, in turn, they will be directed to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whichever social media website you are using to hold the contest.


Using Social Media for Your Dental Practice’s Growth

Utilizing all of the great benefits that social media will bring to your dental practice will surely bring in some growth, which means new patients! Saying that social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are popular is definitely an understatement because if you’re not online these days, then what are you doing? Businesses and dental practices just like yours have all made the switch to having an online presence, among other things, which means that it’s your time to shine as well. Some of the best resources to help your dental practice grow require minimal to almost no effort whatsoever, which is social media

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Comment by Richard Buck on March 23, 2015 at 4:14pm

I have been trying to do a lot better on the social media front. I even added a blog to help it go smoother. Tooth Talk Blog


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