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How To Be In The Media As An Expert?

How do you make yourself known in the community as being a trusted person?

There is a reason why some people are on television as an expert with their “two cents opinion” when others are not. That is the knowledge on how to manufacture the news.

How to give the newspaper editor, or reporter or the radio host or the producer, what they want?

They need news as much as you need new clients.

If you know how to deliver that to them, they will print you, they will talk about you and they will invite you on their show and you will be the local hero undisputed.

There are hundreds if not a thousand of activities you could possibly be talking about: your special little interests, your opinions, your viewpoints about your industry but you need to know how to deliver the right story.

When you learn how to get on the news, you naturally get the attention of your community. This is what we call “Un-advertising” (another entity speaking well about you instead of you having to self-advertise).

But getting in the news is only 1 strategy of Un-Advertising.

There are an additional 5-7 effective ways of Un-advertising and I invite you to speak to us.

You can make an appointment with us to know what is meant to present yourself as an expert in the news by following this link:

Helmut Flasch CEO,
Flasch International 
Founder of "Un-Advertising"
Award-winning Marketing Strategy 

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