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How Long Does a Routine Dental Check-up Normally Take in the U.S., If the Patient Is Perfectly Healthy and Schedules One Every Six Months?

How Long Does a Routine Dental Check-up Normally Take in the U.S., If the Patient Is Perfectly Healthy and Schedules One Every Six Months?

Regular dental exams form a part of preventive dentistry that help secure the oral health and overall well-being of a person. According to the recommendations of the American Dental Association (ADA), in case of adult patients, dentists should determine their schedule for a routine dental checkup based on their oral health conditions. The checkup intervals can range from three months to two years, considering potential health risks and how fit the teeth and gums of that person are.

What to Expect

A dental examination provides the dentist a chance to offer tips on oral care and early detection of problems for the best possible treatment.

There are different routine components of a dental examination that include:

  1. Head And Neck Examination
  2. Clinical Dental Examination
  3. Dental Cleaning
  4. Result Discussions
  5. Recommendations

Why It's Important

Regular dental visits may be unexciting but could probably save you a lot of time in the future. Investing some time on a dental check-up now is the best way to identify your oral health disorders and prevent possible problems from multiplying in size and severity. So, a regular dental check-up not only saves your time but also relieves you from facing the agony of a dental disorder and the related cost of the treatment. Doesn’t it appear to be a win-win situation?

How Long Should It Takes to Complete

The length of a regular dental checkup may vary depending on the dentist's approach towards it. Mostly, regular checkups have standard procedures, and therefore quite short.

Facts & Figures

The American Dental Association has found through a survey that the average duration of an appointment with a general practitioner is approximately 52.1 minutes. For a specialist visit, such as an orthodontist, that number lowers down to approximately 44 minutes per appointment.

In general, any dental appointment should prolong for an average of 50.7 minutes, as per the survey. So, you should be fine if you plan an hour for your visit.

Waiting Period

The above figures omit out the facts on how long the patient remain in the waiting area, before being seen. Fortunately, the ADA collected those numbers too. You should anticipate an average of approximately 7-8 minutes of wait time for each appointment.

Additionally, the ADA survey reveals that the wait time has steadily multiplied every year, and will only be getting lengthier.

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