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Get the Most Out of Your Office Staff Meetings

It is no secret that staff meetings can become ineffective. If your meetings have become boring, overgrown or wasteful, you may want to re-think your meeting strategy. Did you know that according to the Journal of Applied Psychology that effective meetings account for twenty seven percent of job related enthusiasm? Good meetings can make happy employees.

Here are some ideas on how to make your staff meetings better.

Follow an agenda

Agendas provide structure to the meeting, allowing staff members to prepare questions and ideas. Without an agenda, a meeting tends to become a conversation. Keep the meeting short or divided up into different segments.

Give them a break

If your meeting is going to be lengthy, make sure you give everyone a break. Most people can handle 45 minutes to an hour, but beyond that they loose their focus. Announce at the beginning of the meeting when the break will be held so they are prepared mentally.

Share CE information

If a staff member has attended a training seminar recently, give them the chance to share their new knowledge. People will feel good about the recognition and the opportunity to be the leader. Add a twist by having a quiz at the end of the presentation with a prize for the highest score!

Engage all learning styles

Meetings are more interesting when you are aware of how people learn. Some pick up by doing, some by listening and others by reading. Not everyone will absorb the information with a lecture but may feel great by using role playing. Know your audience and what works for them.

Respect everyone's time

Punctuality is a key; starting and finishing on time is crucial. General staff meetings should cover topics that involve everyone, not just a specific group. For example, if you have issues with the set ups by the assistants, you do not need the business staff to hear about it. If people feel a topic does not pertain to them, they may tune out the information that does.

Lunch and learn

Sometime the only chance to get the entire staff together is at lunch. Many vendors will gladly provide lunch for the chance to discuss their products with the staff. If you normally do not have meetings at lunch, make sure you leave time for the staff to socialize a bit and actually eat. If not, it may be hard to stay totally focused on the presentation and chance to learn new info lost.

Have fun

The top way to get the attention of the team and to keep it is to have fun. Integrate games and rewards into the discussion and everyone will be focused on the information. Even though role playing may not be everyone's favorite , it does get everyone to participate and can create some laughs.


Ken Smith is Vice President of Peak Performers, Inc in Wixom Michigan. Ken has over 25 years of experience in the health care industry, including directing the operations of a large group of dental practices. Ken's expertise is in the ”business of dentistry” and has helped many doctors and their teams get the maximum from their careers and practices.You can reach Ken at 888-477-7325 or email



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