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Get Featured in the Media -Without Advertising

I have received lots of inquiries from practice owners asking myself and my staff about how to get featured in the news.

Many people have known about my company for the strategy of "Un-Advertising" -- which means how to get other people to toot the horn for you, instead of you tooting your own horn.

Being featured in the media news means the news is speaking well about your practice or business. This news is NOT a self-serving paid advertising.

People have less belief in your paid advertising, and more belief in "what has another entity said" about you.

Thus most business owners would agree that having a customer refer another customer or give recommendations is much better than any paid advertising.

Being featured in the news work the same way. It is having a major news network "endorse" your business.

You may ask, "Why would the news feature my business?" 

1) News outlet do need stories and news, to keep their audience interested. So if a business provides a newsworthy story, the news outlets would consider it -- always!

2) Local news outlets often prefer to showcase local stories, instead of only national news which are already covered by larger news network.

Thus a local business can get into local news to get featured for free!

There are many methodologies to getting your practice/business to be featured again and again in the news, all for free and all without the need to pay expensive ads.

In fact, it is all part of the award-winning strategy "UN-advertising

Helmut Flasch
CEO, Flasch International
Founder of "Un-Advertising" Award-winning
Marketing Strategy

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