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I couldn't pass up a chance to share the link I found on Twitter today — celebrity photos at the dentist.

Granted, they aren't huge names, but the photos do include Conan O'Brien, whose dentist told him he "only had a week to live." (Not really) And Paris Hilton, who says she got "bad anesthesia" when having her wisdom teeth pulled last May. Remember when Demi Moore lost a front tooth? I don't either, but this photo reminded me that she posted a pic of herself missing a front tooth, I'm sure in an effort to prove she's the same as everyone else. Yeah, right.

Chad Johnson, NFL wide receiver, tweeted how much he loves his dentist, and that "just because I lost my wisdom teeth does not mean I lost my wisdom." Now that's some good publicity for his dentist. Weird Al Yankovich, who sang "Like a Surgeon," to Madonna's "Like a Virgin" had fun at the dentist, pretty much like I envision him having fun wherever he goes.

And of course, no group of celebrity photos is complete without Kim Kardashian, who manages to find her way into any list of "celebrities" anywhere. I'll never understand how that family is everywhere.

But I have to admit these celebs have a good attitude, being willing to expose their not-so-great sides to the public, with their mouths in awkward positions and discomfort evident. Might just encourage some folks to visit the dentist who haven't been in a while, because in their own way the celebs are promoting good oral health and healthy smiles.

So, enjoy the slide show.

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