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Does Your Dental Content Connect With Your Visitor?

We analyze dozens of dental websites every week, and the one common theme we see time-and-time-again is boring content that is all about the dental practice and not about the visitor landing on your website after they searched for something in google.

The content on your website should be written for the visitor and in an empathetic tone. You want to reduce the fear and apprehension people have in regards to going to the dentist. If you don't, they are gone forever. The back button is one click away, and they are on one of your competitors websites.

Also, google wants you to provide valuable content that answers the searchers question. Most of the websites we analyze have cookie-cutter, "canned content that is written in a very "me" tone that does not answer the questions the visitors have. 

Content is king! More so than every before! Google is rewarding websites that have uniquely written content that has some depth to it. The average dental website content is a poultry 300 words. When google crawls a page like this, they quickly see it has very little value and they are gone just like your visitors.

Just imagine sitting across your desk with a person who is there for a consult with you. Everytime they ask a question and you answer that, that is a content page on your website. The opportunity for you to build out an authority dental website is there, but to do it correctly takes time, effort and a content schedule.

After reading this brief article, pull up your website and read a page. Now picture you are a web visitor landing on that page for the first time. Are the words speaking empathetically to the reader? Are they warmly inviting the reader to come in and discuss their oral health needs?

Do you need help with your dental content? Contact us for a digital assessment at

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