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Dentists now embracing Emmi-dent, first ultrasonic toothbrush, lets you clean without moving brush, whitens teeth by killing bacteria, no abrasion of enamel

Dentists are now embracing Emmi-dent, the first ultrasonic toothbrush that lets you clean your teeth without moving the brush, remove stains and plaque, kill bacteria, protect the enamel, and never worry about pain.

Ultrasonic technology has now been incorporated into the Emmi-dent toothbrush with a nonabrasive toothpaste that is dramatically reducing plaque and periodontal disease, while whitening your teeth within days.

The Emmi-dent works motionlessly and is the only toothbrush that kills bacteria on the teeth and in the gum pockets, preventing inflammation, periodontitis, bad breath, and stains on your teeth.  SONIC technology does none of this.  Teeth whitening involves bleaching and other chemicals, which can hurt sensitive gums and teeth.  Emmi-dent's ultrasound kills the bacteria that causes the stains, safely returning your teeth to their natural color.

Dr. Ken Young, DDS, NYC, who uses Emmi-dent on his patients, stated:  “My patients are thrilled with Emmi-dent, because it is gentle, thorough, and non-abrasive. One patient had extensive cosmetic dental reconstruction and had worried about toothbrush abrasions and possible wear factors.  Another patient dreaded dental visits and had toothbrush abrasion, receding gums, and heavy plaque and calculus on her teeth.  The Emmi-dent soothed her anxiety about brushing her teeth and going to the dentist, and her mouth feels refreshed.”

Dr. Alisa Feldman, DDS, pediatric dentist, Shrewsbury, MA, stated:  “The coffee stains on my teeth have been an embarrassment to me.  With Emmi-dent, I see a big difference in my teeth and can feel how well it is cleaning them.  Children will love it, because it’s so gentle.”

“I never told my hygienist I was using the Emmi-dent.  She saw that my gums are no longer inflamed, I have far less plaque, and my teeth are whiter,” said Harold Kingsberg of Newton, MA.  “I think you’re foolish if you don’t use it.”

Electric or sonic toothbrushes operate abrasively and clean through mechanical friction at 30,000 RPM by means of abrasive substances in the toothpaste, creating a great risk of injuring dental enamel and gums.  Emmi-dent’s motionless ultrasonic cleaning has 96 million air oscillations per minute with no abrasion and no resulting damage to the teeth and gums. 

Manufactured by Emmi-tech in Canton, MA, Emmi-dent and its nano-bubble toothpaste conduct ultrasonic waves into the smallest cavities, fissures and gingival pockets, where even dental floss cannot reach.  Billions of minuscule nano-bubbles penetrate even the smallest crevice, surround the bacteria and destroy it.  The therapeutic effect is evident within a few days, even in advanced acute cases. 

Ultrasound has been used in dental offices for years to sterilize equipment.  Emmi-dent has now patented the technology in the brushhead to kill bacteria anywhere in your mouth, according to Stephen Spector, President of Emmi-tech.

Oral surgery typically requires non-brushing alternatives for cleaning the teeth and gums in the following weeks.  Regular brushings rub the swollen gums to clean the wounds from bacteria to avoid infection, but cause irritations and pain.  However, Emmi-dent can be used immediately after surgery, even on implants.  It is gentle on the wounds and requires NO brushing, while killing bacteria not only on the surface but also deep in the tissue and pockets. 

Ultrasound is generated by a microchip directly inside the Emmi-dent brush head with an ultrasonic capability.  The chip creates the ultrasonic impulses and transmits them via each bristle and the nano-bubble toothpaste directly onto the surface and the gum.  Billions of nano-bubbles cover the plaque, imploding through the ultrasonic impulse and destroying plaque, tartar, food scraps, bacteria, etc. 

To clean with Emmi-dent, squeeze two small dabs of Emmi-dent toothpaste on the brush, hold still over three teeth or equivalent area of gums for five-to-ten seconds, then move the brush and hold it again over the next three teeth or gum area.  Continue this procedure on all teeth on both the inside and outside.

Retail cost for Emmi-dent is $189, and $5.99 for the nonabrasive toothpaste at

Emmi-tech Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Emmi Ultrasonic AG, has successfully introduced the technology in Europe and has been developing ultrasonic technologies for private and industrial applications for more than 20 years.  The patented Emmi-dent Professional ultrasonic device is the only ultrasonic toothbrush with the ultrasonic microchip directly located in the brushhead. 

For more information, contact Spector at

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