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Dentists Can Write More than Dental Topics in Blogs

Savvy dentists know that writing blogs are good for their marketing. Blogs can bring people to your website because they are searchable. They can inform patients about topics they didn’t know. For example, many people might not know ways to eliminate bad breath. However, if you believe that blogs’ sole purpose is directing traffic to your website, you could be missing a golden marketing opportunity.


  1. Building a following. If you post interesting articles that might not have a lot to do with dentistry, you could attract people who find you because they are searching for something else. For example, if you practice in the Chesapeake Bay, you could write a blog about how crabs are good for teeth. People who want to know about Chesapeake Bay crabs are likely to find your article. They might enjoy the article and visit your website for other information. They also might be willing to bookmark your site to read more interesting articles.

  2. Becoming an expert. You want to show that you are an expert in dentistry. That is hard to do when dental offices appear on every corner. Your blog is a way you can leave your competition in the dust. You could write information that might involve teeth and dentistry but is really about something different. Say you wrote your blog about holiday foods and dental implants. You would become an expert on implants because you could show a connection to the world around you and dental implants.

  3. Offering a lighter side. Dentistry can be stressful. Your blog doesn’t have to be another avenue of your stress. You could use your blog to invoke humor in your field. For example, suppose you hear some crazy excuses from patients. You could write your blog about those experiences where people reading your website would laugh.

  4. Building a reputation. Your blog is a way to show that you are good at what you do. PIck a topic that many people have questioned. Answering that question shows the reader that you know what you are doing. If people constantly ask you about wisdom teeth removal, write a blog discussing that topic. You could present pros and cons of wisdom teeth removal or you could talk about why impacted teeth are bad for your overall health.

  5. Connecting to the season. Much research has proven that gum disease is linked to heart disease. Therefore, your blog in February, which is American Heart Month, could discuss this connection. You can show the research and the reasons to make sure your gums are healthy.

  6. Attracting others. People who go to dental websites usually have a problem with their oral health. However, if you truly want to grow your practice, you’ll want to attract the people who are not having a problem. To do this, you can post blogs that might not have anything to do with teeth, but things people might search. During the holidays, people are interested in entertaining or decorating. You could write a blog about how to pick healthy foods for entertaining or how essential oils are great for decorating and health.

Be creative. You could think of other ways to use your blog besides telling people how to floss. You could generate new business or at least get new people to visit your website. You can find tips here.

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