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Well, I'm happy to report that Carl the dentist, played by John Stamos (Uncle Jesse on Full House), should give dentists a good name. He's passionate about his profession and helping teens toward good oral health, not to mention he's fun to look at.
The character Santana declared, "You're hot." Carl replied, "I get that a lot."
He's invited to visit the Glee Club to discuss oral hygiene, and he gives the kids plaque disclosing tablets to chew that turns their plaque blue. The results are three kids with solid blue teeth, including Brittany (Heather Morris), the star of last night's Britney Spears'-themed show. (Wow! Can Morris dance!)
Brittany's excuse for her teeth was one of the best lines of the show: "I don't brush. I just rinse with Dr. Pepper after I eat. I could have sworn Dr. Pepper was a dentist."
Carl's classroom visit leads to the kids and their teacher visiting the dentist's office. (Brittany had 63 cavities. Multiple cavities per tooth? Is that even possible? The most I could find mentioned online was 45. Wow!)
The dental scene with their teacher shows a nearly outdated rinse and spit bowl. Not many of those still around.
The anesthesia that the kids receive leads to their dream sequences about Britney Spears, who, by the way, did not play a dental assistant, as rumored.
The only slam of the evening came from a student in the dental chair who told Carl, "My dad is a real doctor, not some tooth doctor. My dad went to college or something to become a real doctor." (OK, some of the cheerleaders portrayed in this show aren't too bright.)
Let's hope there aren't too many more of those negative comments about dentists.
If you missed the dentist character on one of television's most popular shows, you can catch the episode online soon. And I believe Carl is an ongoing character as Emma's new boyfriend.
How do you think the dentist is portrayed in Glee? Is he giving the profession a good name or a bad name? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Comment by Meg Kaiser on March 8, 2011 at 2:37pm
Looks like Carl the dentist might be headed off of Glee. He only makes sporadic appearances, but it's nice to see the dental profession represented on one of America's most popular shows. Here's why he believes his final appearance is on tonight's show.


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