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A whole new take on gas in the dental chair

It sounds like the subject of this article did some major tripping when she was given nitrous oxide at her "new and improved L.A. dental office." Actress Gina Gershon, who's had several minor roles in such movies as "Face-Off" and TV shows such as "Curb your Enthusiasm," writes about her "near death" experiences in her new memoir, "In Search of Cleo." (Turns out Cleo is her cat.)

Gershon had an out-of-body experience while under the first time for a filling, and enjoyed it so much she went back two more times for new and different experiences from the gas. Her hallucinations started with orchestras and dancers, then moved into voices giving her instructions in her relationship.

The part I enjoyed the most was the voice telling her, “'A relationship is like a tooth.' The voice then proceeded to give a lecture about the foundation of the relationship, how if there is a cavity that is not replaced, it will soon rot and you will lose the whole tooth, and perhaps even part of the jaw, etc. It all made perfect sense. A brilliant analogy summing up what makes a healthy relationship (or tooth)."

So at least the actress learned a little dental knowledge in her drug-induced state.

For her third trip for gas at the dentist she says, "Obviously, I had to book a dental appointment to speak to the wizard and ask him where I could find my beloved cat, Cleo." But the voice had other ideas, and she concludes that this trip was a near death experience.

OK folks. Have any of your patients had such wild rides while in your dental chair? I'd love to hear about their experiences if they've told you about them. It's stuff like this that keeps the dental world interesting. 

Thank you, Gina Gershon, for telling us about your voices from the dental chair. 


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