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4 Sure-Fire Marketing Techniques for Dentists

Running your own dental clinic is never easy. As with other professions, of course, there are so many tasks to take into consideration and so many roles to manage. But among all the things you have to do, the most crucial task is probably managing a dental marketing technique or strategy.


If you want to fill in your day with appointment schedules, it is about time to consider these 4 sure-fire marketing techniques for dentists.

1. Keep your patients posted with social media.

Building your online profile really pays a lot if you are a professional. So, always make it a habit to have a presence on all the top social media websites. Create a page for your professional self and your dental office on Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’ll see the huge impact your business will bring even with minimal effort. In just 10 minutes, you can already have a profile for your clinic with a logo and all other information needed. Once you are set, begin sending out invites to people you know to build an audience.

2. Offer special discounts and privileges to new and loyal patients.

Do you know what entices patients to get their feet in your clinic? Yes, you got it right – discounts and special privileges. Free examinations and teeth cleaning services are among the few things that cannot be declined by patients who are looking to work with new dentists. All you need to do is just to stay on the lookout at what your competitors are doing to ensure you are providing something of greater worth. Create one offer your patients can’t resist and see how many new faces you see coming into your clinic.

3. Advertise your specials and your new services.

In this digital era, let’s admit it. Doing business without advertising is like finding a needle in a haystack. The key is to bring your dental services in front of patients. If you perfect it, you will eventually see a growing number of patients booking appointments with you. The best way to begin is to use Facebook’s “Boost” feature to promote your specials and new services. Although you will have to set a certain amount and choose a targeted audience, this method is something you shouldn’t miss as it is low cost yet still allows you to advertise to get more patients.

4. Keep in touch with patients you haven’t seen in awhile.

Sometimes, patients need a gentle reminder that it’s about time to pay their dentists a visit. Even a simple phone call will do! Studies suggest that the most successful dentists are those who constantly engage with their patients by means of personalized emails, postcards, and letters! It should not be that hard.


Truth be told, these marketing techniques may have a positive, significant impact upon implementation. So, don’t panic if there is a growing number of patients soon. As for now, continue honing your skills in dental advertising and you’ll see that everything will turn out fine and smooth. Once you master these techniques, they will help yield positive results on your profit.

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