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3 types of dental implants – you’ll love #2!

3 types of dental implants – you’ll love #2!

Ah, dental implants. Humanity’s way of saying no to gaps from missing teeth and tooth decay. But did you know that there’s not one, but three different ways this is pulled off? Here are the three different types of dental implants, and let’s just say number two seems to be nothing short of a miracle!

Good old-fashioned dental implants

Who can forget the original, right? Receiving traditional dental implants is a two-part procedure. You’ll start off with some anesthesia to help you go night-night during the procedure. Once you’re sedated, the oral surgeon may first do a bone graft if needed. A bone graft is a procedure that remediates any bone loss in your jaw you may have experienced over time.

Having plenty of bone mass is important to ensure that your dental implants can be properly anchored into your jaw.

Next, the titanium implant will be affixed to your jaw. Part one is done!

Now it’s time to wait – about 3-6 months in most cases. Then, once your implant has fused to the bone and the surgical wound is completely healed, it’s time to get fitted for a crown. The custom-made crowns are subsequently placed onto the implant and – voila! – your new smile is complete.

Same-day implants

This is the speed-run version of good old-fashioned dental implants. And, despite being done in just one day, they save you time, money, and discomfort! Here are the differences between the traditional dental implants procedure and same-day implants:

  • Only four implants are placed per arch on same-day implants, versus the six to eight with traditional implants
  • With same-day implants, the natural support of the jaw is utilized more by installing the implants at an angle.
  • No bone graft is required for most patients

It sounds crazy that a procedure that’s more comfortable and cost-effective actually takes less time! Nothing short of a miracle, right? By using fewer implants, conforming more to the jaw, and removing the bone graft, time, money, and discomfort are saved when you receive same-day implants.

All-on-four dental implants

This procedure is very similar to the same-day implants. The only defining difference is that the implants don’t act as much as regular teeth, but more as a base. With all-in-four dental implants, dentures are secured on top of the implants. But don’t worry! These dentures look natural and feel just like natural teeth, permanently securing themselves to your mouth. Other than the dentures, the procedure is the same. You’ll have the four arches, it’ll take one day, and typically no bone grafting is necessary.

Everyone wants to put their best smile forward, but a single system can’t possibly work for

everyone. People have different needs and different budgets, so having three different systems to get people the smile they deserve is a truly convenient thing. With the help of your dentist and the dental implant procedure you choose, you can save time, money, and of course, discomfort while having a stunning smile.

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