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Written, 3am, Thanksgiving morning, 1996

I wrote this the night before (well, the morning of) Thanksgiving, back in 1996, 3 months after my mother was diagnosed with an incredibly rare cancer, about which they knew little, including how to treat. She was 3 months out of major surgery, home from rehab, having learned to walk again but with a walker for the rest of her life. Ten hours away, I was at home with a 3-month old newborn (she was diagnosed the week Miranda was born)....and I, at 3am, was in tears so heavy, I still do not know how I managed to type....


My child asked me for what I’m thankful - I replied “It’s not what, it’s whom….”
And as she looked at me with puzzled eyes, I commented on the moon

Some have been my moon, I said, showing me things I might have missed
Some have been my sun and given me warmth and a loving kiss
Some have been my shadow, reminding me I am not alone
Some have been my stars, so I could find my way back home
Some have been the earth, the rock beneath my ground
Some have been the forest and trees, the fragrances, sights and sounds
Some have been my journal, a record of my life
Some have shared my journey, and one made me his wife

Some have been my photographs, black and white, some color too
Some have been my calendar, reminding me what I’ve yet to do
Some have been my stage, so I could rehearse ‘till I got it right
Some have been my props that took my darkness to light
Some have been my audience, clapping all along the way
Some have been the curtain call I could count on every day

Some have felt my heartbeat, some felt it nearly stop
Some are just beginning to understand, who I am and who I’m not
Some I have entrusted - with my dreams and fears and such
Some have asked not a thing of me, yet have given me so much

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Comment by Kyle DeLoach on November 2, 2008 at 7:53pm
Magic! Just magic.
Comment by Vicki Cheeseman on October 31, 2008 at 12:23pm
Thank you for sharing those beautiful, insightful words. I want to reread this again and again...


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