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12 Ways of Outstanding Digital Marketing in 2015

Do you want to beat your competition using online marketing this 2015? Even if you aren’t a marketing expert, here are some tips that you can do to be able to achieve digital marketing success this year.


1. Focus on Your Target Market


Who are you selling to? This is the most important question that you need to ask yourself, and your digital marketing strategy should answer that. If you’re a female-oriented business, engage in forums, blogs and online communities that are dedicated to women. If your products are for children, divert your attention to parenting websites and blogs. Knowing your demographic will make it easier for you to create a marketing strategy.


2. Maximize Content


Content comes in different forms: text, videos, images, basically everything you see online. To maximize it, you need to use every form possible and share it as far as you can reach. Create a text blog, a photo blog and vlog, and share all of your posts and updates on your social media profiles. This way, you can capture the interest of the majority of your audience.


3. Go Social


Facebook and Twitter have never become so essential in business until recent years. Today, if you don’t have a Facebook page associated with your website, you’re either a spammer or a poor marketer. Social media makes customer interaction easy because the people who follow you can also be your future clients. Likewise, your old clients will be eager to follow your social media profiles and, in a way, help you spread your brand.


4. Pay Attention to SEO


SEO is the biggest key in digital marketing. It involves many aspects of your business, not only your website itself, but also your content, web design, domain, social media presence and business as a whole. If your website lacks relevance and originality, it will not do well in search engine rankings.


5. Don’t Forget Branding


Build your brand by associating all of your accounts and profiles with your company or business name. Create a logo which you should also use across all your marketing platforms. To build your brand, you need to make people remember your name and image and share it with the rest of the world. Social media works great for this purpose.


6. Keep Up With Trends


If you’re a digital marketer, it’s obvious that you should keep up with the trends. However, some people still fail to do this and end up using old techniques that have caused failure in previous businesses. Educate yourself and follow all the news about digital marketing. You don’t have to implement them all, especially if the strategy doesn’t benefit your industry, but you can use these as references for future strategies.


7. Always be in the Spotlight


To be outstanding in digital marketing, you need to beat the competition. The only way to do this is to step up to the spotlight and maximize all of your marketing efforts. Keep all your social media accounts active and post fresh and unique content regularly. Every once in a while, use a gimmick to attract people, such as offering freebies or playing a game on social media and giving a prize to the winner.


8. Guest Blog


Guest blogging is definitely not dead in 2015, but only if you do it in a legitimate way. To maximize your guest blogging efforts, only post content on authority websites. A single, high authority link is worth more than a hundred low authority links put together.


9. Interact with the Online Community


Converse with your followers online as how you would in real life. Use traditional marketing techniques when discussing business with potential customers on email, social media or instant messaging. The only difference would be that you can’t see each other’s face and hear each other’s voice, but the effect is just the same.


10. Use Analytics


Analytics is a strong tool in predicting, measuring and recording your marketing efforts. By always considering the results of analytics, you can develop a business strategy that will produce the best revenue and least expense.


11. Recognize the Power of Local SEO


Whether you have a storefront or a home office, local SEO will work well with your digital marketing plans because you are making yourself more accessible to a specific location. The key is targeting the location that has the best demographic for your business.



12. Build a Strong Team


You can’t do digital marketing on your own. You need people to help you, teach you and answer your questions. If you don’t have a digital marketing team yet, it’s time to start looking for people to hire.


Digital marketing can sometimes be technical and difficult to comprehend, especially if your expertise is not marketing-related. A good way to overcome this is by reading resources and news about the latest online marketing trends. The digital marketing company Crawford and O’Brien offers a lot of tips and advice for entrepreneurs all over the world. If you want to be a top digital marketer, you need to know the basics and use different strategies to find out which one will suit your business best.



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