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There are many myths and urban legends surrounding dentistry, and it has been that way ever since the industry has existed. Some of these myths ring true while others remain false and are quite silly.


Removing Tartar Will Loosen Teeth


Your teeth are held in their position because of the bone in your jaw, however, tartar can bind your teeth together. Because of the inflammation caused by tartar to your gums, it needs to be removed. After this removal process your teeth may feel a little loose because of the slight mobility, but this process is necessary for your supporting structures.


Dentures Will Last a Lifetime


This myth is false because one set of dentures will change as time goes by. Therefore, they will have to be modified according to the changes you need. One set of dentures will not be able to last for a lifetime unless they go through modifications.


Treatment Must Wait During Pregnancy


During the second trimester, which is four to six months, dental work can be conducted. Otherwise, it must wait. This myth rings true unless there is severe pain or emergency dental work that must be done.


Infants Do Not Need Their Teeth Cleaned


To pave the way for adult teeth, milk teeth must be maintained. This myth is not true because if there is a problem with the milk teeth, such as tooth decay, there are going to be problems with the adult teeth. Loss of milk teeth too early on will cause misalignment and drifting of the permanent teeth.


Placing an Aspirin Tablet in the Mouth Will Stop the Toothache


Aspirin should never be placed in the mouth unless you are swallowing it. This is because it will cause the soft tissues to burn around the teeth and will not provide any relief unless it’s swallowed.


Root Canals Are Very Painful

Because anesthetic techniques have improved over time, root canal treatments are almost painless. The therapy is uncomfortable because it takes one to two hours to complete with your mouth constantly opened, but it isn’t painful. This myth, like many others, is untrue.


If There is No Pain, the Tooth Does Not Need to Come Out


This myth is untrue because even if there is no pain, it may need to come out. Sometimes decayed teeth are not painful, but once the infection has had a chance to reach the pulp, and the nerve areas, it’s already too late. From there a root canal treatment may be mandatory even if there is no pain in the first place.


If My Teeth Are White, They Are Healthy


This is typically true, but not always the case. Sometimes, a tooth will appear to be healthy because of it’s white color, but there could very well be decayed areas and issues with the roots that you will not always see.


Wisdom Teeth Always Need to Be Removed


This is untrue because sometimes wisdom teeth do not cause problems. If your wisdom teeth have grown in and you have not had any growth or pain problems, they can stay in your mouth. The only reasons why they need to be removed is because they are causing severe pain, crowding your mouth or even growing in sideways into your molars. Otherwise, they do not need to be removed.


Going to the Dentist is Painful

If you are experiencing a lot of pain at your dentist, then maybe it’s time to make the switch. If you are uncomfortable seeing your dentist, and cannot be open and honest with them, there’s a problem. You should always be able to speak with your dentist about anything oral related. There are many dentists in your area that you can make the switch to, such as this cosmetic dentist in annapolis.

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