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Bad Dental Habits To Chat With Patients About – Part 1

Addressing Bad Dental Habits

I’m always on the lookout for dental health info to share with dental professionals. I came across an article on on bad dental habits to avoid.

The article got me thinking of conversations I’ve had with patients over the years and what dental hygienists may be advising patients regarding prevention of dental problems. What may seem obvious to dental professionals as bad dental habits may not be common knowledge to the general public.

I won’t discuss all the bad habits in this blog, but a number of things we drink everyday can negatively impact our teeth. We’ve been told that drinking red wine can be a healthy habit. If you’re like me and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, be aware of what it may be doing to your dental health.

Red wine contains chromogens, acids, and tannins that cause staining. Plus acids in the wine erode tooth enamel. White wine is worse than red as far as its impact on tooth calcium. To mitigate the risk, promote saliva generation by eating cheese and rinse your mouth with water after drinking wine.


Soda pop and sports drinks contain sugar and are high in acids, which can remove tooth enamel. Advise patients to wait 30 minutes after drinking soda before brushing their teeth to go easy on tooth enamel.

Fruit juice is high in sugar and citrus juices such as orange juice and lemonade are very acidic and contribute to the erosion of tooth enamel.

When alerting patients about enamel erosion, teeth staining, and tooth decay ask about their drinking habits and suggest ways to limit damage to their teeth.

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Comment by Joanne McKenzie on October 26, 2016 at 7:24am

Alcohol, soda and sugar are badly effected to our teeth. So, if we love our teeth than very careful of our teeth.


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