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Top 3 Tips for Building Positive Relationships with Dental Patients

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Wondering what you can do to provide more value to your patients?

Do you wish to give your dental practice an edge over your competitors?

If yes, then let your practice be all about your patients. By doing so, you will be able to establish, build, and retain solid relationships with them.

Your oral health knowledge and clinical skills may be exceptional. However, you need more than that to ensure that your patients keep coming back to you.

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Here are a few tips that will help you do so.

1. Meeting the Patient’s Needs Perfectly

Keeping your patient happy with your service should be your primary goal. For this, it is essential that you understand his/her requirements. Without knowing how you can help him/her, the chances of you being able to meet his/her expectations are slim.

Follow the below-mentioned tips for meeting his/her needs effectively:

Be warm and caring toward your patient.

 Provide personal attention.

 Make him/her feel the importance that he/she holds in his/her dental treatment plan.

 Explain him/her the various treatment options thoroughly.

 Give him/her the needed information in a pertinent and time-saving manner.

Following the above-mentioned tips can enhance your patient’s overall experience and level of satisfaction. Consider conducting patient satisfaction surveys as they are easy tools that can help improve your practice.

2. Help the Patient Make an Informed Decision about His/Her Oral Health

Dental examinations give you the opportunity to educate your patient regarding the steps that will be involved in the treatment of his/her condition. They give you the chance to exhibit your clinical expertise and allay the patient’s fear and anxiety related to dental treatments.

You can make the most of them by discussing the various aspects of the exam and the treatment options openly. Doing so will also help the patient make a smart decision about his/her oral health.

When it comes to an open discussion with your patients, here’s what you should follow:

During the dental examination, make them understand the purpose of the various steps to be taken. Explain the conditions that you are checking for such as gum condition, overall health and function of the jaw, soft tissue condition, teeth spacing and others.

• Explain what you are looking for as you proceed through the examination and provide the patient with a summary of your findings when you are finished.

• Encourage the patient to ask questions about his/her dental condition.

• Avoid using dental jargon when describing the treatment options to your patient. Instead, explain in layman’s terms.

• Make sure that the details related to the treatments are to the point.

The above-mentioned steps will help the patient understand the pros and cons of the treatment he/she wants to opt for.

3. Strengthen Communication with Your Patients

The way you communicate with your patients can make or break your success in the dental field. Make sure to communicate your goals and expert comments about oral health to them as that will help determine the best treatment option for them.

If your patient has a positive dental experience, he/she will be more inclined to accept your recommended treatment and return for ongoing care.

Communication related to fees and insurance can be awkward. But, it is best to discuss the cost issue frankly in order to avoid misunderstandings later. Be specific about the factors that determine the final fee. Discuss payment options which allow the patient to make the optimal treatment decision.

You are not always going to come across patients who will be easy to handle or those who will be willing to follow the recommended treatments perfectly. It is, therefore, essential that you’re prepared to deal with difficult patients, which will require you to be calm and patient. Improved communication can help build trust in dentist-patient relationships, thereby making your patients come back to you.

At the end of the day, maintaining the dentist-patient relationship is a two-way street. Both have to put in effort to ensure that the dental-care experience is a pleasant one. For instance, if a patient hailing from Quincy wants to know about his/her treatment in depth, you can provide him/her with the needed information verbally and/or suggest reading about it on the Internet. You can ask him/her to visit your website or search for Quincy Prosthodontist treatment plans, and go through the available information. Taking care of such minute details will help strengthen your relationship with the patient.


The aforementioned tips will help grow your dental practice by building strong relationships with your patients. Being mindful of the above-mentioned factors will lead to greater patient retention and referrals. Focus on delivering quality care and meeting expectations. In return, you will get more satisfied patients, increased profitability and higher revenues. Also, it will help build your reputation in the dental industry.

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Comment by Joseph Morneau on January 19, 2016 at 12:10pm

Good advice!

Joseph Morneau, DDS

Orthodontics of San Marcos


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