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Tired of Being the Peacemaker? Keys to Building a Strong Team

When asked about the challenges they face with owning a practice, doctors rarely mention the clinical aspect of their jobs. Instead, dealing with the dynamics of their support team is often the main source of stress. Many feel they spend too much if their energy trying to managing various personalities and trying to help everyone get along.

So what can a doctor do? Here are some tips on how you can develop chemistry among the team members and have a better chance of a managing…


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You really do need a marketing budget! Keys to make yours effective

The mantra in business today is to do more with less.  That concept carries through to the marketing of your dental practice. There are many ways to spend your marketing dollars that may or may not achieve the results you are expecting.  Here are several ways to increase the likelihood you will have an effective plan.

Be clear on what you are trying to accomplish- One of the keys in marketing is the return on investment for the money spent.  By having clear, specific,…


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Keys to building patient loyalty in your practice

Few would dispute that it is much more costly to gain a new patient than to keep the ones already in your practice. The money and time has already been spent to gain that new patient. Since they are already familiar with you and your team, it only makes sense to try to keep them with you.

Creating loyal patients is the key you retaining them for the long term. Not only will long-term patients continue to see you for treatment, they are more likely to be an advocate for your…


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Are You Really Providing Great Customer Service? Tips to Ensure You Are!

Patients at practices are comparing the service they receive at your office with other experiences they have. They no longer look at how they were treated at other dentist office, but instead the service levels they received at retailers, hotels and other service providers. If your practice does not line up with the high standards other have set, you may not keep that patient for the long term.

Here are tips to ensure the patients of your practice become…


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Making the Right First Impression Your Patients Will Notice

Doctors and their staff often over look the fact that patients are evaluating them and the practice from the moment they walk in your office. Patients are very aware of the environment they are in and notice everything from the appearance of the carpet in the waiting room to the personal conversations that the staff are having.

There are a few key things to be on the watch out for that greatly impact a patient's perception of your practice that has nothing to do with "quality…


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Customer Service Ideas to Keep Your Patients Satisfied and Loyal to Your Dental Practice

Patients are the lifeblood of any practice. Without them, the practice does not exist. Promotions and big advertising budgets can drive large numbers of new patients to the practice, but the key to success is retaining those new patients. Here are some simple ideas to keep your patients satisfied and coming back.

Great patient service creates loyalty and builds your patient base. It is also about creating a positive experience that patients will share with their friends and family.…


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Untapped Revenue: How to Reactivate Patients in a Dental Practice

How do we fill the holes in our schedule? Many of our clients have expressed concerns about the inconsistencies of their patient schedules. While there are many challenges that practices face in this uncertain economy, there is a potential resource of revenue that is often untapped in practices.

Who is over due?

When was the last time you audited your charts and reviewed the key computer reports, including the past due recall report, the missed appointments report, and…


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Buying a dental practice? Important tips to consider

Important tips for a buyer


Over the years we have seen buyers who were successful in their new practice as well as those who were not. There are several keys to stepping into practice ownership with the least amount of stress and the greatest likelihood of success. Understanding the process and following some simple suggestions can make practice ownership as rewarding as you thought it would be.

Some tips on making the process to becoming a practice owner go…


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Get the Most Out of Your Office Staff Meetings

It is no secret that staff meetings can become ineffective. If your meetings have become boring, overgrown or wasteful, you may want to re-think your meeting strategy. Did you know that according to the Journal of Applied Psychology that effective meetings account for twenty seven percent of job related enthusiasm? Good meetings can make happy employees.

Here are some ideas on how to make your staff meetings better.

Follow an agenda

Agendas provide…


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Evaluating Employee Performance Issues


Did you recently bring on a new member to the team who impressed you during the interview, had stellar references but just does not seem to be up to speed yet? Did you ad new responsibilities to someone's job and they seem overwhelmed by simple tasks? Did your superstar employee suddenly seem to have forgotten how to her job?

All practices are running with lean which means every team member must be performing at their very best. If they are not, it can have a big impact on…


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Time to Terminate an Employee? Rules For Handling the Unpleasant Task

Terminating an employee is not a task that many look forward to.  However, there comes a time when everyone in a leadership postion must face handing parting ways with a current employee.  Here are some rules to keep the process as fair as possible.


Rule #1 Get personnel file in order

Documentation is the single most effective defense if a suit is filed. Handwritten notes are fine. There should be specific instances noted in the employee's file…


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Avoid These Common Managerial Mistakes With Your Team

There are times when the practice owner or manager does something inadvertently that lead employees to be dissatisfied. If the situation continues long term, staff problems can fester and turn into bigger issues.

If problems grow beyond the breaking point, the practice becomes exposed to staff turnover or even employee lawsuits. A recent newsletter from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce outlined ten common mistakes managers and leaders make that leads to employee…


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Rethink Prohibiting Employees From Talking About Their Pay

Trying to keep the peace among your staff knowing there are differences in pay between them? Do you pay staff doing the same job differently? One has a special incentive program and you don't want the others to know? In an effort to avoid controversy or complaints about those differences, doctors attempt to put policies in place to prevent those conversations.

However, are you familiar with the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)? If not, you will want to know about rules that…


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Promote and Reward Good Attendance by Employees

It can often be a challenge to manage absenteeism and attendance of your staff. Obviously, some absences are unavoidable, but asking for anything less than perfect is the surest way to encourage poor attendance. If you want to motivate people to be at work, you must do more than threaten them. Start by telling your staff what you really want from them: perfect attendance.

Pay attention when someone's attendance fails to meet your expectations. Doctors and office manners typically say…


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Pump it Up - Get Your Team Motivated to Succeed!

A challenge often faced by the leaders of a dental practice is finding ways to keep the team motivated and excited day to day. By definition, the team is following you as their leader. Actions you take and things you do can greatly influence the motivation levels of your staff. Here are a few suggestions to get the team pumped up.


Set clear goals with ways to achieve them

Grandiose plans with unrealistic expectations will not excite any employees. Your staff…


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Ideas For Productive Patient Scheduling in a Dental Office

Feel like you're on a treadmill all the time, running fast but getting nowhere? Have you looked at the book at the end of the day feeling exhausted from seeing a bunch of patients, only to find out the production was next to nothing?

It can be a challenge to balance the need to keep the appointment book full and the desire to have every day be productive. Some simple techniques will help you reach your goals without feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

Set a Daily…


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