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Who are your top suppliers? Who are you writing a significant check to each month? Take a look at your credit card statement and business checking account and make a list of your top 10 dental vendor…

Who are your top suppliers? Who are you writing a significant check to each month? Take a look at your credit card statement and business checking account and make a list of your top 10 dental vendors.

One of the principles of the national Baldrige award (…


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Are you leaving money on the table? Submit your full fee to dental insurance

Dentists agree – dental insurance is a necessary evil. Necessary to help fill schedules since we’re all trained (thanks to health insurance) that we must follow our insurance plan. Evil because it almost physically hurts to write off 15% - 40% of our fees.

We all know that we’re taking a huge hit thanks to dental insurance, but are we also leaving money on the table that’s our own fault? Depending upon your set up for submitting claims to dental insurance, you could be losing…


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Defend Provides Dental Professionals with Free Marketing Report

Defend by Mydent International has published a free online marketing report for dental professionals.  “15 Strategies for Growing Your Dental Business Online” provides dentists, hygienists, dental dealers and other industry professionals various techniques aimed at improving their website presence and search engine rankings. …


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Your Marketing Strategy Can Save You Time

By Rachel Cunningham

A well-thought out online marketing strategy should save you time and money. While staying on the cutting-edge is important to reach new patients and connect with existing patients, diving in without planning will cost you. In the online marketing world, advancements and updates are made practically every day. For instance, Facebook and other social networks recently made a lot of changes and Google revises its search algorithm daily. So how is it possible for a…


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Have you integrated your faith into your work?

I recently attended the University of Dayton's Faith at Work breakfast event - sponsored by the Center for the Integration of Faith and Work in the School of Business. Our speaker shared his 'pilgrimage' with faith and work. Influenced by his Catholic father who assembled headlights for Chrysler, he went on to teach in a Catholic school and later created a company that provided job training for displaced workers…


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How Stress can affect dental health?

You probably know the relationship between general health diseases and dental health but did you know that stress has an impact in our teeth and gum.  Based on a paper published periodontology has shown that a direct impact of teeth and gums depending on the level of stress. cortisol hormone has a vital role in development of mental health and dental diseases. At high levels of…


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Dental politics: Do you know the scoop?

Every year our state dental association hosts a “Day at the Statehouse” where dentists are invited to spend a day learning the top legislative issues in dentistry – and then to share these topics with their state senator and representative. The dental association staff provides written materials to the dentists that clearly explain the 2-3 hot topics for that year. These talking points guide the individual meeting between the dentist and his/her legislators. When a dentist registers for this…


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Manage case acceptance by using your ledger

Think about the most recent large case you presented. Did the patient nod and smile at you while you described the steps involved in bringing her mouth back to health? Did she say that she wanted treatment right away? Now, are you wondering why you haven’t seen her in your schedule?

Being successful at gaining case acceptance on large cases is critical for running a successful dental practice. Most general dentists enjoy the challenge of tackling a complex case so they can use their…


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What I learned at Chicago Midwinter Part 2

What I learned at Chicago Midwinter

A dental office manager’s perspective

Here are the rest of the ideas I picked up at the show:

  • CareCredit updates – Always nice to meet with these reps who show us our applications and credit used in our practice last year, plus, when you spend the time to review this information, they give you a special gift. This year it was a pillow pet – which we took home & gave to our pediatric dentist, of…

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Cost segregation delivers income tax refund for the dentists at Fresh Dental

Cost segregation delivers income tax refund for Dr. Tran and his partners at Fresh Dental.…

Fresh Dental, Bossier City, LA


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Manage ‘problem patients’ by using your ledger

“Mrs. Jones didn’t pay her bill again.”

“Mr. Johnson didn’t show up for his appointment.”

Problem patients – every dental practice has them. Patients that don’t pay their bills on time or at all. Patients that cancel appointments last minute or just plain don’t show up. Denture patients that come in 40 times for an adjustment. Ortho patients that…


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Letter to the Editor – AGD Magazine

To my knowledge, this was never published by AGD Magazine. So, I thought I'd submit it here instead.


Dear Editor,

In response to Dr. W. Carter Brown’s guest editorial ‘Dental Care as a Commodity’ I understand the sentiment of a senior dentist (solo practitioner?) observing the challenges of private practice in today’s day and age. The challenges are many: a struggling economy has affected every dentist I know, dental marketing is completely different than 5 years ago –…


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5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important for Dentists

Written by Rachel Cunningham

Your next patient is on Facebook, are you? If you have been debating about whether to engage in social media for your dental practice, the statistics regarding Facebook and other social sites may surprise you. Facebook has over a billion users, Twitter has 517 million users, Google+ has 400 million users, and LinkedIn has 175 million users (MediaBistro, Jan 2013).

Patients in your community are using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ everyday to follow…


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Social Media Marketing – The Office Manager role

In October 2010, I attended the American Dental Association’s annual conference in Orlando. Just a few months before, I started a  Facebook page for our practice and was struggling to come up with new & interesting posts. So, while at the conference, I attended a presentation on Social Media to learn how to use Facebook to benefit the…


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Increasing production for the specialist in your office

Do you have a specialist practicing part time in your office? Most specialists these days are traveling to more than one office in order  to increase their productivity by reaching out to new patient populations. This approach works! Specialists who travel and spend a day working with a general dentist enjoy a significantly higher productivity level than those who work in just their…


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Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain? Then you'll keep wasting your money at dental trade shows

Do you remember the tale of the Great and Powerful Oz? Sure, you may remember how he appeared to Dorothy and her friends once they arrived in the Emerald City, but do you remember how he got there? A simple magician from Kansas, he was blown to Oz in his hot air balloon. Dorothy used a house; he used a balloon. They both ended up over the rainbow.

Once he arrived in Oz, the former sideshow magician was seen as an all-powerful wizard. It wasn't that he had changed, but rather what…


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New Uses for Old Things1

I’m a big fan of the magazine Real Simple. My favorite is the ‘New uses for old things’ section where they take something you use every day for one thing – and then come up with a unique way to utilize this item. Here are the Hall of Fame favorites by Real Simple just for fun.

So, with Real Simple’s inspiration, here are my dental practice…


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If it looks easy, it’s not!

Have you ever watched a yoga video? Filmed in a serene nature setting, speaking in a calming voice, the yoga master easily lifts one  leg up behind her while leaning forward with the opposite arm. Slowly, smoothly, easily holding the pose for minutes at a time.

Have you tried yoga personally? I tried this exact pose and I could see my reflection in the window and burst out…


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Personality makes a difference

There were plenty of vendors at the market by the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy, today. There were plenty who had the wares we were looking for, and there were plenty of price points on those wares in the various tents. We had walked around in the rain, and popped in and out of tents, for about 30 minutes before we came across Ivan. With a smile (which I perceived as real, not just plastered on), he welcomed us into his small tent. I looked around and saw some things that appealed to me and… Continue

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Training your new hire dental secretary using Dentrix On-Demand Training

It’s that time again in my practice – time to hire a new secretary.  Oh the joys of interviewing, hiring, orientation and training!


The good news is that we have our hiring process down to a science. Even better news, it’s run by the staff, so the dentists just have to meet and interview the candidates when they’re in for an observation – the staff takes care of…


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