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I wanted to ask about your favorite off-site events, which usually occur on Friday night. This year, we're celebrating Hu-Friedy's birthday at their facility. Last year, we took the boat for a tour of the Potomac.

Just out of curiosity, what have been your memories of the off-site events? Have they been worth it to you?


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My most memorable off-site event was 2005 RDH Under One Roof in Chicago the dinner at the Speak Easy. It was hilarous having the group of hygeinist participate in the act.

Next would be 2007 RDH Under One Roof the dinner and dancing cruise around Washington, DC. I love the dancing and the view of Washington DC and the monuments.

After attending HuFriedy's Gala back in January 2008, I have no doubt their Birthday event wil be exceptional!
I have really enjoyed the off site events. I had a ball on the boat cruise last year. Had a great time dancing the night away!
Hi Mark- I enjoyed the Circque de Soleil show in Vegas as well as the Spirit cruise in Wash DC. I did not go to the off- site event in Chicago and felt like I realy missed out. I enjoy shows and seeing something that I ordinarily would not go to. Of course keeping the cost as low as possible is always great. I'm looking forward to the Hu-Friedy 100th celebration at this year's UOR! I'm sure it will be amazing.
You know, I hate to admit it but I don't participate in the off-site events. UOR is my vacation, so I use that night to vacate.
Although, I had to miss the Hu-Friedy celebration at Midwinter due to illness, so I am not missing that at UOR.

I think events in larger venues or open areas would be great. I'm not up for being sardined into a boat for a few hours.

Perhaps I just need to learn to play better with others.

Hi Mark! Could you shed a little light on the details of this year's off site event, the 100 year anniversary party for Hu-Friedy? I know it is only $10. to register for attendance. Could you explain a little about transportation to and from the event, the geographic proximity of the HF facility in relationship to the Chicago Hilton and Palmer House Hilton, and also some of the significance of Hu-Friedy's role in the UOR conference and the profession of dental hygiene?
Maureen, it's about an eight-mile bus trip north of downtown. Basically, you head back out on the Interstate that you take to downtown from O'Hare, but we get off before the I-90 and I-94 split. I'm sure there will be some lingering rush hour effects on that Friday evening, but hopefully the highways will be clearing out somewhat by the time we leave (it starts at 7 pm).

Hu-Friedy has been an exhibitor at UOR for several years, but I don't remember them being involved from the beginning. As for their role in the profession, I'd rather let them speak for themselves. I know at least one Hu-Friedy hygienist who is a member of this community. I know they are very proud of their "birthday."

Personally, this may be the best value of an off-site event. For $10, you get food, drink, and dancing. The other off-site events may have been more adventuresome, (ship cruises, dinner theaters), but the price tag was higher too.



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