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How about sharing some tips for clearing writer's block. Not just the "I can't think of a topic" type block, but even for those blocks that come when a piece is almost done. It is so frustrating to be nearly done and not have any ideas to beef it up.

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Goodness no, you will not leave your laptop at home... If you do, I will send you a medal. I will bow before you!

I just spent the morning looking at the Asus 7 inch laptop that I can tuck in my backpack or carryon. I seem to need to keep one handy just in case. Whatever happened to paper and pen? My excuse is to be able to download images on the road and write as I go, but really, am I losing it?

Good luck with all the personal and "life happens" stuff. When it is all said and done, you will be good to go...until the next block.

Katherine Keates

I also use the "need to download" excuse for not carrying pen and paper. Honestly, though, I misplace my laptop less often than I lose pens. I do have post it's all over my desk, but that isn't the same.
Now all I need is one more of those cool RDH USB drives and I could write up a storm on the plane. hint, hint.
Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I know writers block is cyclical and will not last forever.



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