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Hi Michael,

What can we do to stir things up here? :>)

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Hi Rita,
Is there anything I can do to help get a discussion going? How about this... What type of marketing is the group intended to focus on? Is it intended to address dental professionals marketing to consumers? Dealers marketing to dental professionals? Manufacturers marketing to dealers? Or, all of the above?
Hi Christine,

Thank you for stepping in:>) Excellent question! I wasn't the original founder of this group so I don't know exactly what their interests or intentions are... While I'm passionate about helping dentists market to consumers- I'm also very familiar with the challenges of "getting in front of" dentists to market specialist's services, as well as marketing my personal business products and services. My business to date has grown by word-of-mouth and referrals... I think this area of sales/marketing to dentists is likely a hot topic for reps and other great businesses who have wonderful products and services to offer dentists and dental practices, but face the challenge of gaining the dentists or their teams attention. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to address the issue of marketing to dentists in another group (unless that type of group already exists here?) Your thoughts?
I agree that the issues are very different between dentists marketing to consumers and manufacturers/dealers marketing to dentist. Two separate groups probably wouldn't be a bad idea. However, considering the activity (or lack of) I wonder what type of response it would get. I guess I could start one and see how it goes. Thanks for your feedback!
Let me know if start up another group to cover this topic Christine, I'd love to continue to exchange about this too... Have a great day!



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